There was a movie that you just can’t forget. It’s unbelievably simple, soulful and you knew that only dreamers can achieve this level of entrophy.

Her name is Amelie and I understand her completely.

Well not completely, as I am not French but I know the feeling of not having anyone to play with and having a make-believe friends to make up with the real ones. I still have both of my parents and all my siblings. We don’t have a gnome of our garden nor nosy neighbors.

But my rabbit committed suicide in the toilet bowl. I have worked as a waitress at a cafe too and I like contemplating schemes, especially revenges. It feels good, don’t it?

But in this Big World of ours, it’s important not to succumb to the ugly side of the coin. The side when you see everything and everyone is evil, untrusworthy and doesn’t deserve your time. Goodness begets goodness. Kindness is like a drink of fresh water on a hot day in the middle of nowhere. It instantly refreshes you and you feel good no matter what happens.

As a human I believe we need to believe in something. Be it love, faith, hope, anything. We need to get to that particular place where we think is everything our life is about.

Amelie has a happy ending. She got her wish. From the beginning you just cannot imagine she failing despite all the trials and tribulations.

But Amelie is a movie. Life has another Director and you can never tell what’s coming towards you, either it’s a train or a Prince Charming.

Reality can be too cruel for dreamers and I sometimes would prefer not to wake up.

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