Ever had someone tells you that you can’t?

Ever had someone condescend you that you feel so little that you don’t deserve anything?

Ever had a lie so real that every truth is a lie?

Ever met someone that makes you regret you met them in the first place?

Ever feel so sad that the only way out is Death?

Ever cried until you can cry no more and every inch of you is begging you to stop but you can’t?

Ever been betrayed that you feel nauseous just looking them back in the eyes?

Ever feel that it doesn’t matter if you’re alive or not because you have nothing to look forward at the end of the day anyway?

Ever think that you don’t belong here?

Ever think that everyone else is the stupid ones?

Ever imagined to punch the person who doesn’t listen to your explanation because they think they’re right though they’re actually not?

Ever think why all this happened to you?

All this happened because you are YOU. The one and only person that understands what you want. They might tell you that you don’t deserve this or you can’t reach your star or you will fail along the way but look at them.

Look closely.

They’re miserable little bitches. They’re not even successful. A successful person is a person who wakes up and go to bed at night while in between doing what he loves best, the thing that made him wake up with butterflies in his stomach and think twice to go to sleep at night.

Ignore them. They will groan, complain, dictate stupid things all their miserable lives. They don’t worth your time.

Next time, tell yourself ignorant is bliss and the poor pathetic soul will continue to ramble. Don’t compromise your dreams because of his failure.

You have nothing to lose.

DO or do Not. There is no Try [Master Yoda]

One thought on “Ever?

  1. Hi there, just stumbled on your webpage from digg. It’s not an article I would regularly read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thanks for creating a piece worth reading!

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