I am interested in knowing what are my friends are up to.

I have several set of friends. My primary ones are not illegible since they don’t recognize me anymore so be it. I was recognized as a pompous, off-limit, selfish person that no one would ever dare speaking. Calling or meeting is like me meeting Mr. Right tomorrow.

Not going to happen.


Which leaves me to my college friends and university friends who knew me as a person who can crack the professor on the spot. I didn’t know that I was kind of irritating back then.

I only have several ones that knew me by heart. I call them secondary school friends. It has been 11 years. I regularly meet some of them but the rest I’m not sure. Maybe later, maybe never.

They always have a special spot in my heart. I trust them. Maybe we were into a lot of things that only we could understand. 5 years learning to depend with each other is long enough to know a person. Each and everyone of us is basically still the girl we knew back then.

We are the girl that would do anything for a friend in trouble.  I mean every single syllable of absolutely anything.

We are the one that believes everyone is beautiful and it’s important to be yourself be it anywhere.

We would kill for dining hall’s nasi lemak.

We would find excuses for Sunday morning activities.

We believe in luxury in the bathroom. Smell it to believe it.

I love these girls and I wish I could keep in touch with most of them but they are mostly married, have a career that doesn’t include leisure time surfing the net, busy with children or absolutely unreachable.

Some of them have blogs. That’s good. At least now I know what they are up to.

I read one blog, then another one. After about 10, I gave up. I must say that we now see the World using different set of eyes. Some I daresay that we have nothing in common.

Change is definitely the only constant in the World.

Anyone noticed that my blog is boring? I am a nerd writing academic stuff!


I noticed that my blog doesn’t include anything up-to-date. Say the new things I discovered or my current holiday, my social status, things I bought, pets or the things I love most. I didn’t mention of anything that revolves a new house or car or anything about children.

I definitely don’t boast about my milk production though I am sure I could give a factory load of supply to my children.

Bear in mind that NO children of mine would go starving without milk! Ever! And I am not loading my products for all the World to see.

I seem like a jealous person, right? Having no baby to breastfeed, no one to care about, no one to cook for, no one to nag to, no one to fold clothes for, no one to wear that Victoria Secret lingerie, no one to do anything sweet during Valentine’s or any date known as anniversary.

I think it’s best left for special people who wants to know and comment sweet things, like breastfeedingmates.

Apart of updating me, I understand if you want to sell something online through your blog but please, do I look like I love buying clothes for babies? Am I that motherly? If I un-tag your post, please don’t re-tag me. I am saying that I’m not interested. I don’t see why I was included in the loop again.

God help me.

The good thing about blogging is that you can read this person like a book, the stuffs she like, how she sees the World, her fears, her security, her dreams, passions, what she believes and the most important thing for her (though sometimes you wonder what happen to the girl you knew 11 years ago.)

Sometimes I think that they have more potential than what they believe, more than what they settled for, more than they themselves could ever imagine but I can’t do anything since you are what you believe.

They’re old enough to decide for themselves.

I am not perfect myself so I can’t say much on the topic. I am still learning and making mistakes.

Glorious mistakes.

So blog on dear girls. Let me know you. Let me remember you today because the memories I had were those of yesterday.

I guess it’s true that you forgot to tell people that you’ve changed. Same thing applied to other people.

And this is what blogs tell you.

You’ve changed.

One thought on “Blogger

  1. hi, kak bc! remember me? hehe.
    nampak ur blog kat fb. anyway, ur batch yg aktif blogging kak afzan aini.tu jela yg dijumpai. 🙂

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