I have a twelve-year-old sister.

We have quite a huge gap, about 16 years. The other sister is 2 years younger than me. The rest are boys. 3 of them.

I am not close with my family. I have always been far from them since I was 13 (she cried when she saw me, every single time, when she was younger) so when I got to know her quite a bit during my 3 months of unemployment, I think she’s amazing.

Have you had conversation with children? Do you listen for their opinion? Do they trust you? Do they really enjoy that particular dialog?

It’s really different than having a conversation with an adult which would means more boasting, numbers and of course jokes you can’t understand.

We went to China last year. Where do you go for your honeymoon?

You married? Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Single? Why?

How much do you earn?

What your pointer in university? Mine’s just 3.50 and I wasn’t studying during the final exam.

I just bought a house for 80K.

I found a great insurance policy with this bank with just 1.3% rate!

I’m upgrading my car.

My son/daughter is more (put a positive adjective here) than the rest in his class.

My boss/colleague/neighbor is so (put a negative adjective here) that he/she made me (state the thing you hate to do) all day. (Curse him/her with the foulest of words!)

Well with my sister is was different. Her priority was nothing of the sort.

She is most scared if she’s late for her choral speaking practice/netball practice/Monday morning assembly.

It is very important to get a flower for her teacher during Teacher’s Day, also gifts for friends who’s transferring to another school.

It’s important for her to get that Barbie backpack.

She won’t bulge from a store selling pink sandals.

It’s very important to wake her up to watch Spongebob Squarepants or a Barbie movie.

If her good friend is moving to somewhere far then both would set up an email so that they can still keep in touch. She would sit in front of the laptop and set it up herself.

She doesn’t understand why her brother like the color black. For her any favorite color should be seen from far, for example yellow or pink.

She would cry if she doesn’t finish her homework or forgot to bring her P.E attire.

She doesn’t understand why I had to work so far and fell sick. She ask Mother everyday about me (when I’m coming back, where am I working at, etc)

I noticed that our priorities are different. Maybe that is why we have children, we somehow stuck in a rut that we forgot that our priorities used to be different things, much simpler things that doesn’t need that much money.

Nothing that Love can’t buy.

Children acknowledge their fears, are not afraid of making mistakes (and look awfully cute while doing it) and always forgive you no matter what you do, say or think (though you are dead wrong.) It’s impossible to make children hate something (unless it’s broccoli) and they don’t understand why you are always busy because they saw no reason why you should.

They don’t see money as something important just yet.

But all will change after they turn 18. They’ll tell you that when they grow up, they just want to be like you, marry a nice person, have a good job, buy a nice car, then maybe house or a piece of land somewhere, get their act all together.

Maybe they’d be successful, just like you.

Then when they have children, they’d be puzzled how did a little person like this know so much of the things they barely understand.

How did these little angels knew Life?

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