You are sad. You want to say something. You have this terrible pain in your heart. You want it out, as soon as possible.

I’m here. Start with what happened.

I promise you won’t catch a glance of me watching the television, or texting my best friend about the latest online gossip or yawning or chatting online with my faithful laptop.

I am here. Tell me what’s bothering you.

You know you can trust me. You start pouring your heart out. You state your doubts, your options, your choices, your problems, your solutions. You may even cry or grew teary at certain points of explanation.

Go on. Feel free to do anything. I am giving you my full attention, my time and both my ears to listen. I’m all yours.

You sniffed. It’s all over. You feel better. You’re relieved that it’s out. You smile. You might even give a big hug to say thank you for listening. If you don’t want the secret out in the public then you must not forget to mention but you know that I am as good as my words. You sleep tight.

I twisted and turned. I thought of you. Poor little soul, tortured. How can I help? I don’t have anything that might help you. I have no money, no power, nothing that I own could give you that sense of completion.

But I know one person that can! I trust Him with my life.

So I asked Him for a favor. Please, I have a friend in need. I have nothing to offer but You can. I am weak, another wretched soul in unknown faces of similar crowd but You need to help this person as this is very important. I’d do anything. I’d give my time, my words, my soul. I’d even give up my longing for food if that’s the favor that I could do.

Please. I beg You.

Let it be easy, let it be light. Let it be more strength than the person would imagine. Let it be happiness, let it be true. Let it be bright enough that all the dark pain washed through.

Don’t tell this person that I asked You.

Take all You want from me. I have nothing else to lose. Let this debt settled between me and You.

All I need is a tiny little smile from you. So next time when you see me, tell me how do you do. I hope everything is all fine and you’re blessed with all good news. Tell me how it goes again, how did you get that light in your eyes? Tell me again how you laughed and how you thought this rainy days would never end. You said thank you for listening, that I am a good friend.

I said it’s o.k. That’s why I’m here. (Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I owe You one.)

I came home and I told You that I could never thank You enough. Take some more of me. I don’t care. Let it last.

But good news don’t last forever. You’ll see me again and ask me to listen.

I, of all the people!

So I ask You to listen because you matter to me.

If only I could matter that much to you.

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