Fasting month is basically one calm month. It’s too calm that I can almost imitate a sloth, especially in the mornings.

I had my early breakfast at 5.15 and by 5.40 I try not to go anywhere near the kitchen or open the refrigerator (such determination I have!) and this is only available during this month. I don’t think I would have the same courage in other months.

I can usually persuade myself to go to work at about 10 or 11 AM. After 2 hours usually I would get terribly homesick and return home. There is a nice food-galore gathering nearby and I always go there to get my supplies to eat at 7.30 PM.

My day is complete. 50% of the time was spent thinking about food while the other 50% to consume it.

It’s actually quite boring doing this cycle alone. I often eat with my housemate. Sometimes she cooks but I almost never cook this month. I didn’t have the strength to do it. We talk about the things we used to talk; the movies, our friends, our problems, our latest discovery or our disappointments.

One story from one person is quite predictable. Maybe I should go out and talk to other people. Find out what they’re interested, their problems, their concern, their friends, their plans, their fears, etc. I bet they’re boring too, keep repeating the same old story to the same person that they see everyday. Might as well be me. At least we can catch up some old stories, clean up some backlog files, things like that.

So I started from Melaka, around Kuala Lumpur and today Penang, one 7.30 PM appointment per day, if possible. Maybe I can make a difference. I am not doing much. I am not offering money nor anything worth pawning. I am just offering my time and my ears to listen.

I’m all yours. Tell me your story.

I heard that we should try and be more proactive at the mosque (pray more) or help people in need which you can see obviously the NGOs are doing a great job organizing big bold feasts for orphanages, old folks home and single parents with children.

I don’t have that much of money but I do care about my friends.

Give me some of your time to relax, laugh, reminisce and elaborate the fight you have at the office, the old friends you’re keeping in touch, your current crush, your latest idol, your worries, your next plan to conquer the world, etc.

I am giving you my time from 7.30 PM onwards. Free.

Humor me.

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