This is not my first time traveling alone. I have been doing this for so long that I sometimes forget to get company. Of course you don’t get the pleasure to share the beauty of the rising sun at the peak of Himalayas with anyone but at least you don’t feel like killing anyone when they forgot to bring your passport or ticket or allergic to the food you’re dying to try or just not into History when you’re in Greece.

This is not my first time sleeping at the airport. I have spent nights at Barcelona, Heathrow, Frankfurt, Madrid, Brussels, Prague, KLIA and several other airports that I conveniently forgot their exotic names. The first night was so cold it chilled me to the bone. It was in Barcelona. I slept beside a stranger who strangely was kind enough to be close to me (not in a pervert kind of way) because there were several other passengers who were trying to make a scene.

That was the first time I feel safe in the hands of a complete stranger. I didn’t even know his name. The only thing I needed was the comfort of his head touching mine. He even make sure my purse was in proper place before he took off.

May God bless his way. I hope someone else would take better care of him and keep him safe from harm.

Somebody somewhere do care 🙂

This is not the first time sit awake in the middle of the night in a foreign random place and scribbling what I feel. I feel calmer when I am within the multitude, anonymous and drowning in the buzzing riots. I feel free and alive. It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one at the same place, breathing and with a destination somewhere in some other part of the globe.

When I look around I can see people walking, talking, eating, sleeping, reading, listening to their iPads or iPhones or watching some sort of movie or chatting online or updating their Facebook status.

Killing time is not so fun alone at the airport. A company would be nice.

But you never knew this kind of people nowadays. They might be runaway prisoners or political refugees or just a bad, bad person.


Avoid their gazes, pretend you don’t care, ignore. Do everything that make them invisible or at least a part of the wall. Your safety is more important than helping a potentially bad person at the airport. Someone else can help them. For God’s sake there are hundreds of airport staffs that can provide better information that you do.

Seriously? This is not why I travel.

I travel to meet new people, listen to new stories, see new faces, sing a new song. I don’t travel because I had to but because I want to. If everyone travels and fears only bad things to happen to them then there is no fun in walking to uncharted path of your own territory. Better stay at home and be boring, right? No need to spend so much on being one.

So sit down and look me in the eyes. I always keep a smile, just in case I forgot to be charming (believe me I could be the most charming lady you ever met) and let’s kill time together. After all, we got all night.

I really don’t care what bad things you did during your past or how many authorities you are running from. I believe that you are a good, kind person and deserves good things in life.

Do you like movies? Me too! In fact I just watch that sort of movie with my best friend.

We could move from one topic to another. You can skip my questions if you don’t like them but I will answer your questions, being a proper gentleman I am hoping to receive a proper, civilized questions.

And tomorrow when my flight calls me this conversation will cease to live and you will forget the little white lies you told me.

You think you did a good job and what stupid girl I am to believe in such nonsense from a stranger that I will never meet again.

It’s just words and if that makes you happy then I am glad to listen to it.

But it’s just a night at an airport. Not much of an entertainment there.

Good story though, about your mother and the gardener 🙂 Beats Desperate Housewives.

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