I hate the fact people can use religion as an excuse for them to do anything.

So it’s perfectly o.k to kill people.

Listening to all this sort of conversation, I would rather make way for other place than strangle a random person to death.

It is never o.k to kill anyone, not even an animal. Let alone innocent victims. Killing random Americans or Europeans won’t solve any problem. The tourists are not the ones plotting the war in Iraq or any propaganda of the sort. They’re not even aware of the capital of Iraq. They just normal people that needs some tan and exotic spicy food. Seriously, they don’t deserve to be turned to ashes for the sake of God.

What a waste of energy and money for the clean-up. The-people-who-taught-they-were-right do truly need to work hard to work this out. You need a sneaky plan and strategies, find (stupid) people who are willing to sacrifice themselves voluntarily, pretend that nothing bad is going to happen, pray that this (stupid) thing would work and may God bless them for killing the infidels and…


Kill yourself and the (infidel) tourists and may God reward you.

I’m sure nothing good was waiting for them. No virgins in paradise, absolutely. They can’t even kill the right person. Sigh. The person they want to kill is not on vacation in Bali. No way in hell would they choose to be there. They’re busy negotiating weapon sales underground somewhere undetected.

Study capitalism and get to the root of the problem. War is just another way of making fast money. No offense, mate. It’s just business.

I don’t know if you realized this but war is a good way to boost economy. It’s not just war and peace or human rights. It’s economic reformation.

To encourage war in a foreign country of none of your concern does need a thick head. You have to be real smart or real dumb. You must be ignorant to the power of infinity. You don’t really care about other people’s life. People keep reproducing. Sooner or later these existing people is going to be dead. Why not send them to fight somewhere far and dangerous?

Saves time and money. No retirement.

So when other countries heard that you are organizing a campaign for war then they must be very excited. They helped you with your election, so why not now return the favor? It’s like a birthday party. You need participators. The more, the merrier. Somebody needs to be in charge of the guns.

Rockets? Check!

Missiles? Check!

Submarines? Check!

Tanks? Check!

People? Check!

Arms manufacturers and dealers would jump at the opportunity. It’s not everyday that they face a surging need like this. Military expenses is climbing higher each year so why not use the things you stored at the warehouse this time? Not everyday they can test drive a remote controlled missile and see if it explodes right on target (real people) and not be blamed for it. Buy one free one, they said.

I’ll take it! I bring my biodegradable launcher just in case it didn’t fit. No plastic bags, o.k?

Money would pour in and out. Endorsements, deals, etc. Food? Uniforms? Boots? Suntan lotion? Get it here! More of it to come if you can manipulate the locals to give you the oil. Somebody’s in for something. Suddenly you have a war fund. To think of it, war solves a lot of problems.

I’d say unemployment as my first choice. The rates of unemployment could be decreased if you send the unemployed straight to the grave. No questions asked. They died for their country.

Imagine owning oil rings. Imagine owning a country full of oil rings. Keep your golds, use theirs instead. Kill the old leaders. Give power to new ones, the ones excited for change of regime. They owe you big time. Tell this to them from time to time.

They’re in for the long run.

So it is clear that these has nothing to do with the sunbathing tourists.

May they rest in peace (though not in one piece)

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