God help me.

Some people may not mind at all but I do. Why anyone would even care about it?

Why would you buy key-chains for other people? Just because you know them? Or maybe because they bought you key-chains before? Do you consider that a kind gesture, they remembered you while they’re traveling? Why won’t you think that they don’t pity you? Is that key-chain really important? Will you offend anyone because you don’t buy them key-chains? You had to buy it because you pity them while you’re out celebrating life and they unfortunately tied to their cubicles?


To be honest, I hate to buy key-chains (you can see that coming, don’t you?) and it bothers me when people voluntarily give it to me as a token of something. Quite lame gift, actually. I have money and I travel. Who would put that unbelievable idea in your head that I would be impressed or slightly happy to receive a key-chain/fridge magnet/tiny dangling stuffs from foreign places? Why would you try and impress people you don’t like (example: me) with stuffs that usually would be thrown away?

Is that the purpose of traveling? Carrying 1kg of tiny little stuffs back home to tell people you have been somewhere exotic? A remembrance, perhaps?

For the people who collects the dangling little things, do you seriously feel proud collecting other people’s key-chain? You have not set foot on airplanes but you have 7 continents worth of key-chains given by kind-hearted souls (they knew you collects them. You mentioned it many times in your last conversation) Your fridge is brimming with all kind of magnets plastered with designed of landmarks from all over the world.

Yes, that’s my dream. Collecting other people’s effort. I would keep on dreaming that I would have the chance to do the same thing. Then, probably I’d buy them something too.

Seriously? And you think that kinda ‘count’ as part of your adventure? Things dangling on your bags, keys and fridge, those are your dreams?

If I were you, I’d put them in better places.

You said you have family, you don’t have the money, you don’t have the time, whatever grown-up excuses you can figure out and the only way to achieve access to your almost forgotten dreams are by telling people to buy you key-chains?


Aren’t we supposed to be responsible to our own dream? I have plenty of those where it came from. I go get them now. Since you are tied with commitments you can wait until your children all grown up, your pension settled or your in-laws are dead. You’ll have the ultimate freedom, if your knees let you climb the stairs.

Dreams never die. You die.

You casually mentioned, on the last day before the victim catching her flight, oh I have been wanting to get some of those! Buy me one, if you remember and the unfortunate victim had to scour the market for your stupid souvenir. Of course they won’t ask you money for wasting their time and energy. Its too priceless.

So please, do not ask me for key-chains from Delhi. I don’t travel for you, I travel for me. Don’t ask for saree when you don’t bother asking how am I doing in the last 6 months. Don’t tell me it’s just a joke because it was not funny. Trust me, I know Funny. It tickles you in a good way, but this kind of conversation would make me strangle you early in the morning.

I generally like to assume good things in other people but asking for a key-chain like your life depends on it is just plain stupidity.

Oh, I hope you choke on it one day. Preferably on Monday, on the way to work.

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