I parked my Carlos and walked towards the supermarket. I dreaded the fact that I have to pay bills. What will happen next month? Well, we’ll do this one step at a time. We will pause the worry. A lot of things will happen before the end of next month, right? We just have to keep our options open.

I am very Gollum/Smeagol. I talk to myself.

What if nothing happened?

We will get back to that when it really happens. As for now, everything is quite fine. Now there is no use for worrying, at least not yet. I’m a smart girl (keep your thoughts to yourselves if you don’t agree), I can do this.

Then I saw her. I could have rolled and hide under the table, or slide sideways and hide behind the walls, crawled towards the nearest restaurant and pretend that nobody saw that. I could have turned around and walked out of the supermarket.

But I was too hungry to do so, and I said hi. She was beaming from far.

I like her a lot but yesterday I don’t feel like meeting anyone. I prefer to be angry at myself. I wanted to be alone. I was angry because my stupidity caused a lot of distress to the people, especially to the ones I love.

Oh, I owe a lot of apologies.

Anyway the friend, she was happy. I found out that she came to the supermarket to buy some toys for her children and she was on her way back when she saw me.

‘Let’s eat!’

At first I thought she was joking.

She wasn’t.

Then she said, God listened to her prayer.

‘What prayer?’

‘I want to see you again for the last time, buy you something and we eat together.’

We had known each other for less than a year. We talked, laughed, told stories. We stayed in the same room but later she had to move to another floor. We rarely met after that. She found out that I was leaving the university from another friend (good news travel fast) and wished that she’d met me before I was leaving. Yesterday was my last day and her wish came true.

It seemed like a big deal for her.

To think about it, that is one of the most important gesture you could do to a friend, as insignificant as me. Not all people would include you in their prayers but she included me, spent her money and time to talk to me!

I was a big deal!

What have I done to receive such a friend?

I am glad that I met her yesterday. Made me smile. Made my day.

It is really nice to know that people loves you. I love her too.

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