There is one place that I haven’t found out where does it belong. I found it on the centerfold of a travel magazine. Twice, though in different magazine. Until now I haven’t a clue where it is. I spent countless times on the internet looking out for beaches all around the world from Europe to Caribbean to South America to Polynesian to even Andaman and Galapagos but still I haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I still hold on to my last piece of picture. It’s still in my scrap book collection.

It’s a view you can never forget, at least for me. It’s the picture that made me happy.

Have you had a tough time at school? You’re bullied, your classmates avoided you, they won’t even talk to you, your seniors laughed at you, called you to their room, make you sit in the middle of a circle of teenagers and scream their lungs out at your mistakes of not following a certain tradition until 3 A.M, belittle you, will not help you in anything, your parents are too far to be worried about this and if they were they don’t have enough money to take you back, and you try and put a brave face to class every single day while people jeering at your back, spit at the sight of you at the dining hall and will not touch anything you touched.

It makes me sick that people called it a prestigious school because I haven’t seen any prestige at all.

For one whole year all I did was cry. I had a tough time adjusting. I had no friends, nor family. Nothing.

It took just one picture to change me. The beach.

Amazing view, I have to say. The photographer took everything and put it in a glossy page of a magazine. There were hills and beautiful houses. One big bungalow on the hill that I could remember is shaped like a little Parthenon with 3 storeys. Seemed like a pricey place to be. And the sand were cream and there is a huge black pipe in the sand and the mouth touched the blue shiny sea with the little yachts on the background. Oooh..there were palm trees and tiny plants around and there are 3 people running on the sand. A mother with her two little infants, a boy and a girl, all dressed in white (the view is from their behind). Such freedom! So when you look at the picture you see 3 people running on the most beautiful beach, that I have no idea where it’s on.

And that picture made me happy, which is a big deal because I have no absolute good memories whatsoever. I held on because of a picture. I put it on my table and determined that whatever happens, I am happy because I chose to be happy instead of being sad.

Someday I want to be happy too. I will travel the world too. I want to run on those sandy shores and be merry, just like them. I close my eyes and feel it. It’s the wind on my hair and my white dress flowing, the sun rays burning my eyes, my feet crunching the sand and I tried to run though I keep fighting the gravity my weight put on each step. I stopped, breathless while squinting my eyes at the horizon.This must be paradise.

That thought made me smile. It worked. I know can do this.

Frankly I can’t remember who was my friend when I was 13. All I know is that I flunked all my papers and was put to another class, which I fit nicely.

I found new friends, comfortable with them and it’s them that I hold on to.

As for the bitches, they seemed to forget what they done. Amnesia perhaps. Too many concussions. They seemed happy with their life. Good to know.

I hope their children won’t receive the same treatment as I did. I wish them all the best.

As for me, I am still looking for the beach. I suspect it’s in Europe, maybe close to Italy because of the architecture layout on the hills.

Probably it’s in Amalfi but there is no way that I would know that until I go there and find out for myself.

Game on!

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