I can’t say I love birthdays.

I love mine but I wish others could keep it to themselves. Well it’s a nice thing to wish someone else’s birthday or expecting people to wish you yours but I’m afraid that I don’t belong in that category.

If you’re somehow important in my life then probably I would wish you my truest desire.

This is one example.

I, in turn would like to wish you Happy Birthday, may all your dreams and ambitions would be turning into reality, that everything is possible within your grasp, that everything would be easy, that you would find everything you’re looking for (be it your sock, keys or Soul Mate), that you’ll meet beautiful friends along your way around the World, that you would be happy and fulfilled doing what you do best, that Love surrounds you like a stupid psychotic stalking ghost, that you always have faith in humankind, and remember that you could be anything or anyone if you put your mind into it. I love you.

I am bad at numbers. I need at least six months to remember my own phone number (I would never call myself so why remember? Smart, eh?) but I do remember several birthdays. My sister’s (21st of April and 10th of March), my brothers (8th of June, 30th of May and 7th of October), Daddy’s (5th of May) and Mummy’s (16th of December – coming soon!) Some friends that always there for me since I was young and stupid (not that now I’m older and wiser) Thankfully they never did expect any birthday wish from me but I feel an obligation to do so because they are important to me.

Thank God that you’re born that day, or else I would have never survived the trials and tribulations in life.

Everyone notices the reminder Facebook puts on your page to remember anyone’s birthday, presumably they are in your friend’s list. They probably think that it’s a useful device to tell people that you remember. What a brilliant idea! I never paid much attention to it, be it anyone I know is celebrating his/her birthday. The reason is I didn’t think it’s nice to wish someone because something or someone reminded you about it. Yeah, they would never figured it out that you saw that somewhere (duh!) but if the person is important and a piece of your heart somehow attached (virtually) to this person then you will have no problem remembering his or her birthday.

This may not apply to men. Sometimes they’re a bit daft, don’t you think?

So please stop sending me your birth date requests because I will ignore it. I don’t need it. You can use your time to remember other people’s birthday (they might get angry when you forgot, also the present. O.k?) and they will be proud that their Wall is full of good wishes of good people who has a good heart to remember your good old hatching day.

Frankly I just don’t give a damn.

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