It’s funny how people perceives open-mindedness.

If you happens to read this on the net and it says ‘looking for an open-minded Muslim female housemate’ that means that you should be a Muslim girl who is o.k if they bring in a guy  or a boyfriend in the same house and you will not go to the relevant authorities yapping about the friendly visit.

Note: Unrelated single males should not be in closed quarters with opposite genders without supervision.

This should not be a problem in other countries. I guess being open minded in America is different than being open minded in Malaysia.

I cannot say that I am a totally open-minded person. I do set some rules in my life. I mean I don’t mind physical contact with strangers or friends males or females of which some people might resent. If I am to be in a train filled with strangers then you can’t help but touch other people. I also don’t mind if some men decided to let their actions speak their mind. I would not be offended. I know they sometimes can’t help it. I believe that they are not bad people, just good people with bad decisions.

Don’t give me that preach that ‘whatever would be left for your husband?’ or ‘pity your husband that everything you have had been enjoyed by other men freely on the street’. I think that is the most stupid thing you could do. If you decide to cover yourself then it should be for the right reason (for God and God only), not because you are saving everything for a men who you don’t know whatever things inside his head when he looks around and see other girls, whatever things he done or said behind you, before he met you. All men are wired to be thinking about sex, whether you like it or not and there will always be temptations so don’t tell me that your husband is holier than others because he picked you, the best lady destinied for him which did everything and anything in the book.

Good for you but mind your tongue. Don’t assume that people that doesn’t do whatever good thing you do would go straight to Hell while you waving happily  from the Heaven’s window sill. Remember that you are weak and limited being and you have no right to judge other people. You don’t know half of the story.

The story doesn’t end yet.

Many people do assume that I am open minded which surprised me. I am not. I appreciate sincerity. If a man ask me if I could spend the night with him then I am quite relieved because I know exactly what he wants and can tell him exactly what I want (politely) but the one that was nice and making effort in small talking is the one that I have to be careful because I have no idea what they want in the first place. They send mix signals and in the end both parties get confused.

Usually it’s me who’s confused. Anyway, you learn from mistakes.

I don’t know the definition of open-mindedness but most people believe that going with the flow is what it’s all about. It’s whatever in trend, whatever’s easy, cool and acceptable with the society and civilization. It bothers me that most people believe that keeping religion or faith or principles is not an open-minded person. Say a Westerner lady supposed that a covered Muslim lady is not an open minded person then what will happen if we compare her with a topless Masai lady? Would she be closed-minded since she is more covered than the other?

So we should say that a nudist is the most open open-minded people of all times? Isn’t it going back to the beginning of time when the Darwin’s cave dwellers haven’t found the fire yet?

So why be bother with the technology and evolution if we want to be open-minded, just like old times?

2 thoughts on “Openminded

  1. Those are written based on my own experience, my discussions with friends from many countries and my own opinion. I would recommend that you acquire as many friends from as many background as you can and have coffee with them. You’ll discover a lot of things. Books are good too but I did it the other way round so I don’t know what books are good for these. Sorry I can’t help you more than this.

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