I was giggling when I came and she asked why.

“I saw 2 cute guys today on the lift.”

“No way! All my life, I’ve never seen any cute guys in this building and I had worked here for the past 4 years.”

The colleague was married but the little girl inside her was screaming and leaping out subconsciously.

“I’ll show you whenever he’s around.”

“How was he? Manly?”

“Oh, he’s the epitome of a Greek god with a nose to die for, but bald yet full of testosterone goodness.”


“Yes, you heard me. It’s the trend nowadays.”

“Maybe he had hair problems”

“Or lice, perhaps?”

“Euw. You said two guys. The other one?”

“He had hair and it was tangent right, arrow pointing to the north. Metrosexual. Should have stashes of Men’s Health at home. Wore a tomato red skin tight leather jacket suit thingy, very fashionable but everybody was sweating and he looked even pompous in his attire. Seemed as if he’s off to ride a big bike in the North-South highway with his clan.”

“Maybe he’s an upgraded dispatch-boy?”

“Wow. Can we have one of those?”

“No. Focus. Which floor they’re working at?”

“No idea. I’ll show you when anyone of them passed by. Still I prefer the bald dude.”

“Deal. Don’t forget. I want to see what do you mean by a ‘cute’ guy. Maybe he’s not even cute by my standard.”


As usual as we were enjoying our lunch, my eyes grew bigger. Yes, my slit Mongolian eyes went 2 mm bigger.

“Ooooh! It’s him!”


“The cute bald guy. Don’t turn. He’s looking this way! Can I assume he’s checking me out?”

“What? Stop it! You’re making me choke on my rice. Shoot, then how do I measure the cuteness level?”

“Patience. There will come a time when he’s focused on something else. O.K. Look NOW.”

“Oooooh…Nice. Nice (I will put the description here as ‘package’). You do have good taste in ‘cute’ men.”

“I know.” (flips hair)

“I am going to check him out again, just to make sure.”

“What? No. He noticed that head jerk. Now he knew that we’re talking about him.”

“No. Sometimes men are too stupid to notice.”

“I have to agree.”

2 days later.

She was giggling when she came to the office.

“What happened?”

“He smiled at me.”


“Your cute bald guy.”

“What? He can’t be serious! He was supposed to smile at me and ME only! What he was thinking??”

“It’s just chemistry, you know. I was buying something at the store downstairs and he was there. Our eyes met and we smiled.”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I haven’t started any contact with him, not even telepathically and you took him away from me. You monster!”

“I’m just lucky. Maybe you should initiate a smile first.” (smirk)

“What? We girls had to initiate? Aww..man…Isn’t he supposed to be on bended knees when I finally smile?”

“Stop it. Haha. Maybe tomorrow it’s your turn to see him smile. He does have a sweet, that-put-your-soul-in-trance kind of smile.”

“I will kill you with this stapler and make it look like an accident. He’s mine.”

Next day, I was stalking him at the lift but there was no need for that. He was outside, smoking.

That’s it. We’re done.

It’s just not meant to be. I will cite ‘Irreconcilable Differences’ in the divorce papers and burn our photos and good memories together. She can take all his enchanted smiles forever and ever after.

You just can’t live with a man who loves other butt (cigarette’s) more than yours, can you?

Not my type.

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