I missed her. I think it would be nice to text her and ask about her son. She didn’t answer instead shot me another question.

“Why did you do that again? It’s the second time!”

“I was bored.”

“Really? You sure? Are you avoiding someone?”

Ten years was a long time to know someone and you just failed to disguise anything in front of someone that knew you too well.

“Well…It’s complicated…”

“You know what’s your problem is? You don’t face your fears. You don’t solve the problem. You just ran. Life is not meant to be faced like that.”

She has a good point. A valid, strong one. I have always had an issue with facing my problems. I prefer to run away from it. I thought it was the safest thing to do. I have learned that in time it will be fine. Actually there is nothing that time can’t heal, solve and clean.

A lot of people will not even notice it if they didn’t see me on Facebook. It’s not a big deal missing a couple of names but to her this is too much. She noticed it when I did it the first time (she called my other friends to confirm) and now again I am missing from her list.

I did not expect anger as a consequence.

I have had enough spending time on Facebook. I admit that it’s a good tool for communication but I really don’t need it right now. I have decided that I do not want to know anything about anyone and so does anyone about me.

So I’ll just stick to my humble phone and the same email address. I do not have a lot of friends but they are the ones that I want to keep in my life. They matter.

As for the angry friend, I always treasure the long nights when she had to accompany me as I was too scared to stay at my room alone because I was forced to watch stupid Korean horror movies. She also tried to help me in the love department as I appear too hopeless with poor men tackling skills but still I end up the same ten years ago.

Nothing much has changed.

And I matter still to her.

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