Ketupat Palas/Pulut
*Palas = name of the leaves used to wrapped the *pulut
*Pulut = sticky rice

This is the main dish on Hari Raya. We usually steam them after a delicate process of wrapping it with a certain kind of leaves. There are 2 kinds of ketupat for Hari Raya but I only know how to make this one.

Home made cookies, painfully baked by my sister and me

Pardon the pineapple tarts. It actually tasted nice, despite of the not-so-nice appearance (first row, first from right). The rest: (first row) chocolate chips cookies, fried popiah skin filled with fish serunding, (second row) semperit, kuih sarang semut (another traditional cookies), honey-cornflakes

A variety of laksa with an assortment of vegetables on the side, the gravy is not in the picture

Normally each house presents a dish for the guests so that they would not go hungry just eating ketupat and cookies. My house offered laksa.

Got guests to attend to 🙂

Eat! Eat! Eat!
My cousins + my family (I was not in the photo)
Dried jellies. GrandMa used to make these but this time my cousins brought it while visiting