Five years. 1996-2000. Below are several pieces of memories from the old school.

PMR slip

Most people probably threw this away but I liked it and glued it to my journal.

The receipt

What a hopeless geek, you might say but I am just preserving the moment. It’s the little things that speak the loudest.

You will surely remember the next one.

The so-called ‘mess’

Last but not least, the system that most of us failed to remember.

Remember those days when we got the Discipline Memos? This is one of my many summons.

Reason: Late to Physics Lab. I did not even go to see the required party 🙂

Though I prefer to be excluded from the school’s many reputations, I confess that this school moulds many people to be the best that they can be and I am glad that I have surrounded myself with great, beautiful  minds.


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