Along with my other souvenirs

I found out that you can book a hostel in advance so I did just that. The operator was a guy from an ex-Soviet managed country (his accent was obvious but I did not ask exactly from where) and he was really friendly. He taught me how to use the English currency.

My hostel was in South Kensington.

Prague – Frankfurt

I had the best time in Prague. Though the tourism industry served as major economic revenue and is very commercialized, I think traveling in Czech Republic is fairly easy, safe and enriching at the same time. I particularly loved the statues placed strategically on the way to the National Museum.

They have the best selection of yogurts! It’s like I was in yogurt library.

Brussels – Prague

I quite liked Brussels. Amazing florescent green color after rain. Unfortunately a lot of places/shops were closed on Sunday. I received a proposal here, while emailing everybody that I was still alive. I shooed him away.

Barcelona – Paris

I did study French for 4 years but I did not use it in Paris. I have been speaking Spanish for 3 months without listening to other alien tongues. I even sucked at English.

The Eiffel Tower was like a dream standing in awe. Cloud Nine was the place to be. This monument was the place I dreamed about when I was younger and being there served as the best memory in 2005. I stopped at Bir Hakim and walked towards it for about a mile while skipping ‘bonjour‘ to every one. Every stinkin’ Parisian must thought that I was drunk.

Hostel in Rome

I loved Rome. If you like comparing Paris and Rome, you might say both have different intricate mazes of mystery charmed into their very existence. Romance was in the air. But Rome kicked Paris in the @ss in food section. They have the best,simplest, freshest, most exquisite food. And the men, they just melt into your arms (or vice versa.)

Frankfurt – Milan – Rome

It was 14 hours in one sitting. I had a numb backside for about 10 minutes and did not care the public’s opinion about self-butt-massaging.

The Italians are busybody, sociable and very graphic people. They sang, laughed at the jokes of the driver and placed a bet upon my nationality without my consent.

No one won by the way. The nearest they could get was Filipino.

[to be continued]

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