There’s no end to this, no?

Madrid – Granada

This was my first experience being at a place hotter than my own country. It was an unbelievable tortured feeling being under the sun at 48 º C. The worst I had back in hometown was 40 º C.

We went to see an exhibition of art. The theme was Don Quixote.

I think we went here as a group along with some Turks and French students.

The Sephardic Museum/synagogue in Toledo and a ticket to enter Queen Sofia’s Center of Art

Toledo is a marvelous city. The Jews here are very proud of their heritage and it’s always nice to learn about other people’s culture. They have an interesting circumcision chair. You ought to check it.

Entry ticket to Alhambra

We were allowed about half an hour to remain in the main plaza. There was a long line of tourists during summer. We did not finish exploring the huge place because one of my friend suffered severe pain in the stomach. Water is most important or you might get sunstroke especially in mid summer.

There you have it. The trip.

P.S: I got a big Europe map and it’s always nice to stare at it longingly.

O.K that’s quite a clear cue to do something!

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