So I documented my journey. Big deal.

Cercanías – RENFE

The red ticket is one of the 2 tickets I had to buy every morning. To get to the university, I had to take 2 different trains. First, the Metro then the Cercanías – RENFE . Metro is faster, more efficient (waiting about 2-3 minutes during peak hour) but Cercanías – RENFE offers double-decked train, with free papers. Also it reaches the outskirts of the city.

Spanish Notes

I had 2 Spanish teachers. Chema was our grammar teacher. He covered my whole Spanish knowledge that was worth 2 semester of Spanish basic syllabus in one day. I felt stupid most of the time. While Ana Isabel was our conversation teacher, I have never experienced such fear in talking.

Granada Bus Trip

The second city we visited during the second week. The first week we went to Bilbao. Amazing wind, chill and food. I loved the Euskera signs.

Granada was charming and we were told that the region (Andalusia) are known to host most beautiful people in Spain due to the charming location of being so near to the African continent. They did not lie.

KLM Royal Dutch

I have faith in KLM. Nothing else.

The address written by hand from an ex-housemate.

An Italian lady stayed with me for several weeks. She seemed to love Spanish more than her native tongue.

Electricity bill – paid

The owner is a woman called Carmen. It was quite obvious she was not a local but came from some country in South America (I never did ask where) She was friendly like most of her compatriots but it was all for the business sake, nothing more.

The Eurolines’ Deal

This might be the stupidest thing I have done. I got quite a list to choose. I was supposed to go somewhere else, to visit a friend in Girona but I accidentally bought a Europass for 15 days.

It was legendary!


I have to admit that Barcelona is not the place for me. We sort of took a different vibe. I was stressed the whole time. The place recalls danger, unsympathetic people and ugly graffiti.

Barcelona Metro Lines

Very soon you will figure out that the Catalans are a bunch of proud nationalist. I did not like the train station and decided to spend the shortest time possible. My only objective was seeing the Basilica de Sagrada Familia (The Church of the Holy Family) as I have been quite a fan for Gaudi.


That’s right. One of the oldest ports. Magnificent wind. Mesmerizing colors. I thought I have seen a pretty beach in glossy photos with fancy filters but Marseilles surpassed it all. Also, I realized that I can’t speak any word of English here.

Metro – Rome ticket

Faded ink. But the ticket is valid for 75 minutes. I have no idea why. Probably the Romans are are wee bit naughty and bought 30 tickets in one go to save a months’ time of queuing up? OK it’s just a dumb theory.

Coupon to redeem in Barcelona

I lost my money to the gypsies in Rome. On the way home, some really nice girls chatted me up while stranded at the bus station. One of them was pregnant and going to meet the father (of the baby) to announce the good news. Another one is a girlfriend of a famous player in Real Betis. The beautiful pregnant lady gave me this.

While passing a kiosk in Frankfurt

One of my least favourite place – Frankfurt. It doesn’t have the aura that I required. It was busy, busy, busy. The people spoke too loud (I learned later that most German speaks loudly), they seemed not to be aware that rules are made to be broken and no smile, just cold, efficient service.

I ought to give Frankfurt another go next time.

I was probably wrong the first time. I have been to Barcelona 4 times and I did not change my mind.

[to be continued]

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