Bergedil/Potato Patties (before frying)
I knew ‘bergedil’ (potato patties) when I was studying in Johor. It was an awesome experience because I love anything with potatoes, especially curry.

This is best accompanied with another Southern dish called ‘Soto’. I found an Indonesian version of it and you can have a look. The rest mostly in Malay and without photo.

As you can see, I don’t standardize the size.


1) 4 medium size potatoes cut into wedges and boiled until soft for mashing (some people fried the potatoes but I opt for boiling)

2) 1 diced Bombay onion (big yellow ones) or 3-5 shallots

3) Chopped carrot* (optional)

Minced fried beef/chicken*

Minced anchovies*

Minced prawns*

4) Salt and pepper to taste


Chili flakes*

Curry powder*

5) Some fresh leafy herbs. I used cilantro. You can also use scallion, or a bit of both.

6) 2 tablespoons of cornstarch

7) 1 egg, lightly beaten.


1) Mash the potatoes and add all ingredients except cornstarch and egg and start incorporating everything with your hands. Make sure you have quite a big bowl so you won’t end up transferring to another.

2) When you feel that everything is all in perfect harmony , (you can have a taste), now you can add the cornstarch and mash it up again. Roll it into balls and press it to check if it’s sticking. Add a bit of flour if you find the consistency is not good (it’s still crumbling)

3) Place it on a dish/tray like I did in the picture, dip one by one in the egg batter and deep fry it in slow fire until it’s dark brown. It will be a bit puffy when it’s done either side.

4) Serve with Soto or rice or wait a bit until it’s cooler and eat it like chicken nuggets 🙂

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