In my life I faced many banana problems. This is one of them.

There were 2 different kinds as seen above. The ripe ones are really sweet and juicy. It’s called ‘Pisang Tanduk’. The smaller, green ones are called ‘Pisang Emas’ which is a complex mix of sweet, a bit tart and bitter even when it’s ripe.

I have no idea how to translate that in proper English 🙂

So I made loaves of banana bread with different recipes. The one that I particularly liked is from Nigella. I tweaked it a bit because I don’t like sultanas and we don’t take rum (I know this was the vital part or else it wouldn’t be Nigella’s) I switched walnuts to ground peanuts.

The end result was outstanding. I loved it. Very indulgent and rich. Another simple recipe that I tried was an eggless recipe of a simple banana bread. I added ground peanuts too for a bit of fiber. It’s good, moist and simple. Most of my neighbors like this one better than Nigella’s.

Other than banana bread I tried making banana pancakes every other day.

It was topped with several spoons of Dulce de Leche. I had about 3/4 can of it in the fridge. It was actually made to fulfill my sweet tooth. The Alfajores session was excruciating but was worth it.

Needless to say we can’t consume bananas anymore, at least for this next 2-3 weeks.

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