There goes 2012. The year when apocalypse jokes were threateningly bad. It’s either the Mayans did it on purpose or the translator did a really screwed up translation of the calendar draft.

I knew for a fact that all atheists were having a field day on the 22nd of December because nothing happened. The believers were wrong (and they could be wrong about all other things as well!)

I should say this is the last note for this year.

Normally I would sit tight and think about all the things that happened to me and the lessons learnt from it. I would dread the next three months thinking of a new mission before my birthday.

I’d be 30 then.

No use sighing. It’s all downhill from now.

Well I have learnt important lessons this year.

The first lesson was to let go. Easier said than done but life is better and your sanity worth more than constant anger and misery. Most important things are discovered alone.

Second lesson was to be content with simple things. I am not the kind of person that is willing to endure a spiteful job because of the good pay. I tried several times but my lack of patience is one of the disadvantages I have towards homo sapiens generally.

The third lesson, family is everything. I was not close to mine but this year proved that they are the ones you could trust.

Fourth lesson; less talking, more listening. I don’t even know where to begin. I pity people who had to listen about me bragging about everything. I am so sorry to put you in such a horrendous ordeal. I only realized this when I had to listen to it all day and thought ‘gosh, I’m an ass for letting people sit through this.’ My teeth were clenched and I thought of at least 6 ways to kill the person speaking without anyone suspecting. I almost fancy using the Killing Curse while she’s in the bathroom.

Fifth, just do it. Nike didn’t lie. There’s nothing better to wake up in the morning, think about the complicated dessert you saw last night and thought, ‘what the heck? Impossible is nothing!’

OK I was meant to say something about exercising or jogging but the cake anecdote is quite charming too.

Sixth lesson; focus. I am ridiculously bad at it. I was suppose to finish up a story and suddenly I popped out a new window searching for something randomly said in the news feed. What about the shooting, eh? 2 hours later I not only read all the articles, I looked out for the lay out of the school, the pictures of the children and the story of all the assassin’s mates testifying mostly in favor of his freakish nature. All done when I was supposed to research a bit about rifle.

Seventh; be good. I find it hard to be nice to people that I knew. My Mother is always nice to the neighbors. At first I find it hard to do because being nice to the people you knew meaning conversation and exchanging information and staying in the collective agreement in something similar. I thought hard and decided that I could choose to be nice to whoever I want just because I’m a nice person, not because we are voting for the same political party or our husbands are in the same force or our sons are in the same kindergarten. However bad is the people, just be nice anyway.

To be honest 2012 was the most challenging year for me so far. I don’t know if I should hope for a better year. I just want to be a better me.

What have you learnt this year? Was it a great year?

I am wishing you a Happy New Year 2013! May God bless your journey ahead.

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