I have made a few posts on why I’m not very fond of Gale, but I never did a thorough Gale and Peeta comparison because I don’t want to get into the Team Gale and Team Peeta dumbfuckery. But sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if we read the same books.


I mean, I often shipped pairings that are not canon (in fact, Peeniss is the only canon pairing that I have shipped in a long time ); people have different preferences, so we can’t all like the same pairings. And Gale is tall, dark, handsome, brooding, and all testosterone. I get it. However, when I see posts saying Gale is the misunderstood brave soul and Peeta is nothing but a whimpy and weak bitch that Katniss was guilted into being with, I’m like:


Putting the supposed love triangle aside, Peeta is the embodiment of one of the most important and core message of the series, that no matter what circumstances are thrown at you, you have to remain true to yourself and hold on to what you believe in, no matter how difficult or impossible it seems to do so.

Gale is the anti-thesis of that message, Collins has shown us through Gale that even good people with good intentions can become destructive if they stray away from their core values and let their anger and rage dictate their actions. Gale in the first two books was perfection; but by the third book, he let himself get carried away with the war and the rebellion. In my opinion, the moment Gale said he was playing by Snow’s rule book when he designed his bombs and killing innocent people in District 2 is a justifiable means to achieve an end, it was Gale who let Snow and the Capitol turn himself into a mutt, not Peeta.

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