Foreshadowing 100

WINNER: “I couldn’t shake you awake,” I say. “Look, if you wanted to be BABIED, you should have asked Peeta.” (Catching Fire, Chapter 1) You know exactly what he said in the interview. “Maybe I’d think that, too, Caesar,” says Peeta bitterly, “if it weren’t for the baby.” (Catching Fire, Chapter 18, interview with Caesar […]

shesasurvivor: parachutesfromhaymitch: theriotprincess: Are you, Are youComing to the treeWear a necklace of rope, side by side with me.Strange things did happen here,No stranger would it be,  If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree. At first, I thought this song was in reference to Katniss and Gale. And then the second time […]

Fire Women: The Similarities Between Katniss Everdeen and Mrs. Mellark

Our Katniss’s turn. By the end of chapter 2, we got a glimpse of the kind of family Peeta and Katniss grew up with. We can assume that the Mellarks are blond, pale and with blue eyes. They are of the normal merchant class family but did not have an easy life since Mr. Mellark […]

The Hunter and the Baker: The Similarities Between Mr. Everdeen and Peeta Mellark

A little bit about Peeta, quoting Katniss below. It’s quite a stretch saying that Mr. Everdeen and our hero has a lot of things in common but daughters normally chose qualities close to their father so I put down some that I think should not escape us. The Everdeens live in a section called the […]