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Okay I understand your rage about lack of Peeta generally/him being an active character, but in terms of Everlark vs. Everthorne, Catching Fire is definitely weighted towards Everthorne. The whole I am his he is…

Hmm, I definitely didn’t see Catching Fire as weighted towards Everthorne. There was a lot of weight towards Gale as a CHARACTER (and I loved that) but not really towards Everthorne in a romantic sense.

I loved the whipping scene in the books (I mean, not loved, but you know what I mean haha) because we get a strong sense of Katniss’s loyalty towards the ones she loves (and yes, she DID love Gale, but not in the same way she loved Peeta). It was like the time she volunteered for Prim, the time she was hell-bent on keeping Peeta alive in the arena. It’s what she does. She protects the ones she loves, and it’s admirable and beautiful and many a time done without thinking and so very Katniss. 

(Although I have to say, I didn’t like the way it was shown in the trailer. Didn’t feel very Katniss-y to me for her to just say “go ahead.” I may change my mind when I see the actual movie, but IDK, it just felt really cheesy and overdramatized for the sake for shock value. But I digress.)  

The thing about Everthorne is – and I’m not going to get too much into this because it’ll probably end up being way too long (ETA: an obvious lie) – is that they’re at a conflict. Throughout the series, after the first book, they’re at a conflict. And this is important, because what’s happening is that for the first time, they’re very clearly not on the same wavelength.

And one can argue that it wasn’t the first time – that Gale had always been leaning more towards a revolution than Katniss, that Katniss had always just “let him rant”, that she’d never been particularly interested in the possibility of revolt. 

And you know what? That is very much true. However, the DIFFERENCE is that this is the first time it’s becoming obvious that they’re not entirely on the same page. But both of them are far too afraid to admit that, even to themselves, because of the close bond they’ve shared for so many years. They’re partners, best friends, and they still understand each other so very well despite their differences, and the possibility that that bond could be severed is…


These differences weren’t obvious because the thought of a revolution just seemed so impossible and ludicrous and far away and just…not real, and Katniss is one to focus on the here and now, on surviving and providing for her family. So it just wasn’t a big deal to her. She never took it particularly seriously. 

Flash forward to Catching Fire. Now, it’s all becoming real and a potential revolution is very much tangible, and she can feel it too. She can feel those differences now, because they’re finally actually facing everything that Gale had once only talked about in the woods. 

They’re finally being confronted with their differences, and turning their heads away because they don’t want to see it. It’s too frightening.

It’s unthinkable.

They’re supposed to be partners in everything, and for the first time…they’re not, and it’s so painful, the way Katniss tries so desperately to hang on to him, kissing him when he’s in pain, trying to keep their bond alive, trying to keep Gale and Katniss alive.

Except she’s fooling herself.

She’s slowly falling in love with Peeta, but the thought of losing the ones she loves – including Gale – is a possibility she doesn’t even want to consider.

When she says “anything is unthinkable,” I don’t believe she means it in the sense that she’s in love with Gale and that not being with him romantically is unthinkable. It’s unthinkable in the sense that, losing someone she’s been loyal to all these years is actually just literally unthinkable to her. She doesn’t want to think about it, doesn’t let herself think about it. It’s something she just doesn’t even want to consider. 

And Gale knows she’s fooling herself. The best part is that they both start to realize they’re fooling themselves. And they still understand each other very well, know how the other functions, know that they’re breaking. They can feel themselves breaking, can feel the other drifting farther and farther away – 

But neither of them wants to admit it, not even to themselves. 

Because it’s…


So that’s my take on Everthorne throughout the series. I don’t know if the original submitter will ever get the chance to see this, but if he/she does, I hope this makes sense! 

Best take on Everthorne that I’ve seen.

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