In honor of Katniss’s birthday, I give you all a present! I hope you enjoy it.

Alrighty, Mutthatter posted this about a month ago maybe, but I’ve only just discovered it. And it got me thinking. Food is everywhere in the Hunger Games trilogy. We already know that some foods contain very important symbology to the story (mainly bread and berries). It is possible, in my opinion entirely likely, that any food that has a recurring appearance holds great significance to the trilogy. Bread, berries, lamb stew (lambs to the slaughter, anyone?), and now apples, because they are all over the place in this story. In the post I linked above, mutthatter discusses the three types of berries we see and their importance. Her analysis of the berries – it’s fantastic, I recommend you go read it if you have not already (it’s short and sweet). The only one I’m not completely sold on yet is the blackberries. I’ve seen those used as symbols of neglect and arrogance, so I’m still thinking on that one. The bread is fairly obvious and has been discussed from this side of the galaxy to the next, so what I want to talk about is the apples. Hold on to your butts, I may be pulling this from…yeah, thin air. And it’s a little lengthy.

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I’d give this a gazillion stars!

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