I told this to a tourist and he smirked.

“You traveled so far just to visit a bookstore?”

And I felt a slight tremor of doubt. Since when you can’t like something as awesome as a bookstore?


Well, it may sounds ridiculous to some of you but I happen to like FNAC and I would happily visit it everyday for as long as I like for the rest of my stay.

(Note: The photo was taken when I was in Bordeaux. I went to FNAC in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville)

I remember being in Madrid during the launch of PSP in 2005 and most of the population wanted to bombard the basement to see the launching. I literally had to fight them off at the entrance because I want to climb up the 5th floor to finish a book I started the day before.

I was always happy and it felt like a natural habitat. It’s the calmest place for a restless soul.

I wish I was there now.

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