Love is great motivator, and is a key theme through the three novels. It is what drove the rebellion. The people of Panem rebelled because they no longer could see their friends, family, lovers get hurt. This essay examines the many types of love exhibited in The Hunger Games Trilogy in particular to Katniss.

The deep love and affection that Katniss holds for her sister, Prim, is the impetus for Katniss to take the tesserae increasing her chances of being reaped, and is why she volunteers. This love goes beyond traditional sibling love, as it has maternal elements since Katniss had to step up to take care of Prim when her mother fell into depression. Siblings do not volunteer; meanwhile many parents would but for obvious reasons cannot. Katniss had more than a sibling relationship with Prim. This maternal feeling bled over into her relationship with Rue.

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