Whoever in this world thought India is awesome? I don’t know about you but I had paintings of Taj Mahal on my walls just whispering my name. I just had about enough when I chose to relent.


Real fancy, right? This is the train from the airport. See that arc, with flashing color? You can immediately see where you at, in case you could not understand the announcement 🙂 That little thing actually made my day.

Just in case you’re wondering I was in New Delhi.


I think the Red Fort is awesome. The architecture reminds me of some mosques in Kuala Lumpur, also not to mention Taj Mahal.


Just tell me why a girl would not stop here? Why?


I loved that cows walk around like a bad@ass. In Rajastan you can see camels too, walking about not giving a rat’s @ss of the traffic jam they caused.


In some country, this would be considered dangerous and probably illegal. Not here, not ever.


Just tell me what marvelous sight do you wish upon a star tonight?

When it did come true, please remember to breathe. 

Long and deep, that’s the key.

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