There is a term called ‘The Golden Triangle‘ in India. Fear not, they are just referring to New Delhi – Agra – Rajastan route.

That was where I went for a week.


This photo was taken from a holed wall in Taj Mahal. That little place is another beautiful museum telling us all about the construction, lay outs, old pictures, letters, materials ordered, seals of the old government, the history and stuff like that. It’s just on the opposite site of the famous Taj.


It was early winter (end of October) so the weather was just perfect for me, and also several thousand of local Indian tourists.

Keep in mind that more people equals to more noise, more flashes of camera, more scams and more money.


The arc is wonderfully majestic. You can see them in most tombs, mosques, old hotels, government buildings, etc. It’s the delicate tile carvings that made you unsure if it’s a good idea to move or just stay.


I took this photo because I remembered seeing this very place in a Bollywood movie. They were dancing merrily and given the right music, I don’t see why I should not start twirling.

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