I went to a reserved park. It was a huge place so I rent a bike, a guide and off we went for a spin.


This guy was having a break and nearby I saw a neat sight.


If you saw his straw hut, you maybe won’t expect it’s solar powered. That was the most incredible sight! [In addition, I graduated from an Environmental Engineering course so this little thing made my day :)]That thing is expensive!


I saw this little guy in the middle of the road. I stopped and put him aside, after a nice picture. You can see he’s quite shy.


Then I went to a saree factory. They have a basement full of men working on embroidery.


It was top quality too. This is a sample of an Indian wedding tunic for men.


Upstairs, you can see the colors go on and on to infinity and beyond. Every combination color imaginable, every material you only see or read in story books are reachable on the wooden shelves from floor to the ceiling, the consultant will be busy studying the best color for your skin and making sure the drinks are flowing. It’s up to you then to make the best of the situation and get the best of price. If you’re lucky you’ll be invited for a free vegetarian lunch 🙂


I was not very fond of the cold morning but Rajastan is a city you don’t wish to skip when visiting India.

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