Since my sister knew that I like Culture and History, she brought me to the museum.

I looooooooooooove museums!


This Heritage Village is situated next to the museum.


I love the bridge they built to cross to the other side. My sister hated it because she was wearing high heels.


It’s one of the local traditional houses. Reminds me of my grandma’s once upon a time. I remember being 5 and scared of the howling wind.


The thing that freaked me out the most was the floor. Back in the days I used to think that monsters were looking straight back at me in the dark. My childhood was terrifying.


Unexpectedly, there are some local tribesmen/women who sell souvenirs in each of the houses you’re visiting. They were wearing the full garment so you get to see the colors of forgotten tribes of Sabah.


Oh, I miss my gran’s old mosquito net. She had a pink one. It was my favourite. I would gaze longingly at the shocking color and fell asleep in a cloud of cotton candy.


I love this picture. The girls were having so much fun!


Surprise of the day: the trampoline. Apparently some tribe builds in-house bamboo trampoline for socializing and dancing.

You’d be surprise how flexible it was and how tall you can jump!

It kinda get you thinking of getting one some time soon, isn’t it?

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