If you love food, then Bangkok is your paradise.


So cute! It’s made of fish, spices, chilies, coconut milk and later steamed. I’m not sure what kind of leaf they used to wrap it but it has a beautiful aroma that complimented the whole gift. I’m tempted to think it’s banana leaf but it could be anything.


Snacks on the go. I’ve had some fatty nuts that was said brought from Chiang Mai (I haven’t seen them anywhere else in the world) and this pretty crunchy pastry has two kinds of fillings. I like the yellow ones. It’s creamy and sweet but the dark ones are a bit spicy. It’s coconut and probably mixed with some brown sugar and chili.


I am not a particular fan of sticky rice (they made me sleepy/high) but I ate a lot of this stuff. Maybe because the ‘plate’ made it look more special than usual.


Pretty good looking Pad Thai, don’t you think so?


This is why I love Bangkok. Such honesty. You will not find that in Malaysia. Ever.


I visited the zoo and saw this bunch 🙂 They are such adorable little ninjas 🙂 [Turtle power!]

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