Waiting for transit plane in Dubai. I have about 2 hours to kill. They promised nasty turbulence on the way to Newcastle. I’m quite nervous but I think everything will turn out fine.

I’m a lucky girl.

I have a knack for being lucky. I escaped 2 separate bombings unscathed so turbulence warning was not something I worry much.

The thing I don’t like most about this trip was that I can’t sleep. It was 7 hours of The Big Bang Theory without being able to laugh at jokes that I used to like because my mind was numbed with lack of sleep. I end up listening to Coldplay and Sting over and over again.

The problem was simple. My seat wouldn’t recline at any type of command. Also the guy sitting next to me and his friend are making an effort to get to know me and I couldn’t bring myself to say no. In the end, I end up giving him a number that I invented on the spot.

I have another 6 hours from Dubai to destination then probably a car ride to my friend’s house.

And maybe, just maybe I’d deserve a good night sleep.

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