I love books. The only thing that refrains me from buying it was the price and I honestly think that books in Malaysia are overpriced.

You can get a chick-lit somewhere between MYR 29.90 – MYR 39.90. That’s about GBP 6 – GBP 8. Those are the cheapest ones and I’m at the age that I would flinch at the thought of having to pass such section in a bookstore.


The books that I really want would be priced about MYR 59.90 – MYR 100++. Decent ones. The one that would change the many ways that I thought how the world and humans function. The one that’s worth reading. Also the one that costs a lot of money. Imagine bringing MYR100 to a bookstore. How many books will I bring home? 2, if I’m lucky but if I have GBP100, I could build a fortress with books alone!

That is why I bought Inferno by Dan Brown (it was half price!) I would never dream of buying a hard cover book priced at GBP10, that’s about MYR50. I once bought Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (hard cover) and I had to share it with a friend because I could not afford to pay MYR130, (about GBP26) That’s about a rent of a small room in certain areas. I don’t know why we struck such a stupid deal. You can never split a book and because she paid 51% of the book, I had to let her keep it. I know I can never afford all the Harry Potter series because it would be too much.

You know what sucks? You have to think twice whether it’s worth it to invest your money in the aches of your soul or the aches of your stomach.

I have no regrets.

It’s humiliating when I found out about the statistics. Do you know that an average Malaysian read a page per year. That’s how much we don’t care. Ask them about Kindle if you really want to mess around. You might as well be speaking Sanskrit.

So on that brilliant Friday, I bought Cloud Atlas and for another pound I got The Fault in Our Stars and after that I stumbled across a little second hand bookstore and bought 4 Ludlum books.

I deserved to be happy.

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