I am staying with my childhood friend in Newcastle. She’s married with 2 kids and sometimes I help them mind the kids. It’s just simple tasks and I don’t mind it because I love kids.

I was quite bored surrounded by the same people so I put an ad looking for friends. Several responded but just one particular guy was serious. We mailed for 2 weeks and he suggested that we met and we did.

We mailed and we met several times. He’s decent, quite shy and prefers listening than talking. That’s fine by me. Yesterday he suggested that it’s movie day and invited me to his place.

When I told my friend, she was actually fine with it. She suggested that I should cook an elaborated dish and bring it over. I thought it might be a good idea since I’m hungry every 3 hours. I can’t eat popcorn and snacks the whole day.

We were supposed to go grocery shopping together but she said I should go first because she got some things to do. I really didn’t know how to find spices at the grocery’s so I end up choosing other stuff suited for a simple stew. 

While cooking, I told her that I’m taking the train and Greg would meet me at the train station and she just completely changed to a different person, well at least for me.

She said that I was trying too hard, that I appear desperate and a shameless lady going to a guy’s place. At least show some dignity, she said. Ask Greg to come and pick you up halfway. I was speechless by this outburst. I did not think of it that way.

I did not mind cooking and I thought that my previous train experience would qualify me to take next one without problem but she insisted that danger is everywhere and Greg should be there to receive the blame.

I said fine. So I have to mail Greg and explain why he had to pick me up at the nearest train station. He did offered to come but I said no but now it seemed that I changed my mind.

I was quite happy the next day though it was very cold. Greg came as promised and he has a beautiful house in the outskirts of the city. We watched a funny movie and some reruns of Friends. We ate popcorn and some bread with stew. It was going very smooth until he made a move that suggested that he wants more than a cuddle. I ignore that for several hours and he gave up. He sent me to the train station and I went home.

When arrived, I chitchat a bit with my friend but an hour later the husband was back and the first question was, ‘I thought you sleep at his place?’

I did not know that accepting that kind of invitation is kinda approving the whore stamp on your forehead.

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