I live in denial

FUCKING THANK YOU. You fucking honor SNAPE, the emotionally fucked up abusive asshole dudebro “nice guy”, instead of the man who tried to be as much of a father figure to you as he could??? YEAH OKAY.

It angers me so much that not one of Harry’s children got named after Lupin. That man was amazing, he had to deal with being a werwolf, deal with loosing all of his best friends, James and Lilly dying, Sirius going to prison for ‘betraying’ Lilly and James and killing Peter. The only joy he had was knowing that, Lilly and James son survived, but never getting to see him until his 3rd year. Not to mention holding his best friends son back from doing something stupid, while witnessing his other friend die, with no body to mourn.

And don’t even get me started on the Battle of Hogwarts, dying for his sons future, dying in Harry’s name ALONG WITH HIS WIFE! Ahhhhhh I have a lot a Remus Lupin feels. HE WAS A HERO, HE DESERVED TO ONE OF HARRY’S KIDS TO BE NAMED AFTER HIM, NOT SNAPE.

and i’m still confused as to how spending your whole life pining obsessively over some girl you treated like shit makes you the ‘bravest man’ harry ever knew


Snape wasn’t a good person. Just because he loved Lily doesn’t make him so. Not everyone on the ‘good side’ is a good person. Are we forgetting that he was such a bully that he was Neville’s worst fear? Neville, whose parents were tortured by Death Eaters into practically forgetting who their son was, was most afraid of his bloody teacher. You may say that Snape had a crap childhood, dealing with bullying and that, but Remus was werewolf. His childhood was full of pain and violence. It’s not the person you were, it’s the person you become. Remus became one of the kindest and bravest characters, who I instantly warmed to because of that. I hated Snape throughout, even after the point that was meant to ‘redeem’ him. And so, I think Remus deserved that. Snape did not.

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