A little kid decided to run away. Here’s his plan of action.

Isn’t living off junk food half the fun of running away? After bringing home a bad report card, 9-year-old Jack’s mom and dad banned him from playing video games. Not long after, his older sister Brenna found this amazing list of “survival tips” for running away. Not only is the list incredibly practical with items like “18. Turn in to the police when you run out of food and water,” it also has some adorable gems like “9. Bring pictures of family members.” Brenna adds that she “had to delete the picture of #16-17 because it had our phone number written on it. #17 was one of my favs tho. It was ‘ALWAYS remember to love mom dad mack sam and brenna.’” The break around #32 comes when Brenna picked up the list and asked Jack what it was, and Jack then had to add to the list “32. Don’t let anyone see this Trust Nobody.” This kid is way more prepared for life away from home than I was when I went off to college. Here’s the whole set: (by Shira Rachel Danan)

Via Happy Place

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