I think most people think highly of themselves in term of serving others. You think you’re the best receptionist or the best mother or normally the best of friends.

I sometimes think that I do a good job at it. I listen, I care and I make sure that I joke. It seemed to please people that I can elaborately do that. I thought that I was being a good friend.

This pretty rose colored mirror broke when I was told differently. Wow. I did not see that coming. Not one, not two but three people. I must have sucked real bad.

The thing is I was not very close with my family so I assume my friends are the top strata of my pyramid hierarchy. I trust them with many secrets and to certain extend, my life. So when one disputed that, I had problems dealing with it. And then came another and another. This year I probably had to develop a special kind of armor to fiercely defend myself.

I owe no one an explanation but I hope I never hurt anyone like that. No one deserves it. It surprised me because I was convinced that intelligence comes with class and prestige but not all people are equipped to use the tools they were trying so hard to earn.

Maybe it’s time to burn it.

Let the bridge fall.



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