First grader shaves head to make his friend feel better about going through cancer treatments and to make you feel suddenly emotional.

I don’t remember the boys in my first grade class being this cootieless. When someone you know has cancer, it can be hard to know how to act around them. You might feel a complex mix of emotions like pity, sympathy, fear, and the desire not to offend. Kids don’t bother with all that. They just act like friends, and that’s usually the right reaction. Zac Gossage and Vincent Butterfield are first graders and besties. When Zac was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Vincent wanted to help out. First, he and his mom sold scarves for $15 apiece to help raise money for Zac’s treatment. They raised over $200 in total. Then, when Zac’s hair fell out, Vincent decided to shave his head. As Vincent puts it, he wanted “to make Zac feel like he’s not the only one without any hair.” Though he’s been going through chemo, Zac rarely misses a day of school. HIs motivation? “I get to play with Vincent outside at recess.” If your heart’s not completely broken yet, here’s local news team WTNH’s full coverage of the story: (by Shira Rachel Danan)

Via Happy Place

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