I sometimes receive an anonymous ask in Tumblr. I’m not famous but I do have several inquiries. I used it several times to ask something I particularly ashamed of acknowledging, mostly regarding Young Adult Literature but nothing more than that. Yes, I used it to ask about Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, if you’re still wondering.

So after I wrote something about strawberries, I received an anonymous ask about picking strawberries in Germany and I thought how nice and then I found out who wrote it. 

I don’t know how to describe the feeling.

One time, I received an anonymous number on my mobile. We texted. He said that he’s interested in me and would like to know more about me. This raised a great big red flag. I came from a girls’ school and I have no communication with boys that are apt to my knowledge so I am aware that I might be involved in a scam. Later, I found out that the number belonged to a (female) friend and she’s texting me just for fun.

I think the feelings resurfaced. It must be fun to coax people to believe something like that. She laughed but the trust is gone and was replaced with the kind of loathing that you wish you don’t know in the first place. Her Just Kidding is my Just Fucking Go To Hell and Die.

I don’t sugar-coat, sorry.

I don’t do that to people and I do not wish to know anyone who did the same thing, especially to me. Good intentions or bad. Whatever your intentions might be, the end doesn’t justify the means.

I bet it’s fun to break people’s trust like this.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous

  1. Hello. My name is Paula. I randomly came across your blog in a search. Your writing style intrigued me, so I continued to read your posts. As I learned more about you I became more aware of your intelligence, wit and charm. I grew to respect you..

    And then I read this post. Now, I mean no disrespect here, I want you to know that. I only am writing this because I truly respect you and your opinion. You seem like a very level-headed person, someone with good judgement.

    And that is why I ask this of you.. Why do you lose trust in someone when they play a trick on you?

    And let me say, the reason I ask this is because I live my life for fun. It does in fact make me happy to coax people into believing things, but only if they are having fun and laughing. I never use my powers to put people down. I have made a couple of bad jokes over the years, speaking without thinking, but once I realize what I have said and how it could be negative to them and their feelings I immediately apologize, or at the very least ask if I offended them just in case. And this is truly rare, maybe once every couple of years that I know of. I don’t think I have ever made someone believe something negative intentionally, like your experience with your girl friend pretending to be a boy.

    Among other things, I practice the art of magic. The entire point of magic is to allow a spectator to believe one thing is happening while doing something else.

    Is just about the means for you? You say the ends doesn’t justify the means.. But what if the ends are enjoyable? What if it’s not a terrible experience but instead a joyous one, full of wonder and life.

    Now, nobody’s perfect. I know I’ve done harm over the years, but who hasn’t? For example, can you say that your blog posts have not offended anyone? You said it yourself, you don’t sugar-coat anything. That in and of itself is offensive. Does your ends justify the means of harming their ego, regardless of if that was your intent?

    And again I’m not trying to be offensive myself, although it’s possible that I am. Every social interaction has the power to offend or the power to lift up. It’s all in the perspective of your audience, which you have no control over. What’s the solution? No interaction with other people?

    I could write a blog post about this myself apparently 🙂 It was a pleasure to have stumbled across you. I hope to hear from you, but if not, thank you for your contributions, and I wish you well. -Paula

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