I haven’t attended the first reunion but I saw the colorful photos. My old friends were beaming and joking. They were in a hotel and it was quite a formal event, I guess from the speeches and stuff. Wearing their best outfit and accessories (children and husbands) they catch up 10 years in the span of hours. Cold gossips rekindled, numbers exchanged and meet ups arranged. They may carry the most expensive handbags or working at the most fabulous office or marrying the richest guy in the world but I still see them as the girls I knew in 1996. Gullible and innocent – yet strong and smart. Can there be such combinations? I thought they all looked beautiful. No one changed much. They still have that light in their eyes and the same warm smile. Now the same smile blossoms in the lips of their children. They looked well cared, happy and glowing.

Must have been fun.

I did not plan to attend the second reunion, much like the first one. Not that I don’t miss them. They’ve been part of my life for five years. We suffered together, sang together, even dance together. Nothing could beat that. Even our family members were left out of the equation when trouble brewed in school. Friends are forever.

But change is the only constant.

I joined in the fun to belong to a certain group in Facebook. They were my friends so I thought it was a great idea. Any updates are going to be instantaneous. I wouldn’t miss a single thing. It was pleasant at first. And then it got weird. The purpose of the reunion was that ‘if one of us rises to the top (being rich and famous) then we can totally get her to plug us into the network.’ Several people agreed.


I thought you wanted to reconnect with someone as a person, not as a stepping stone. I don’t think most of them seconded the idea but my heart turned cold. So I decided that I will only meet people who accept me for who I am, not my accomplishments.

That will be my only reunion.

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