What a dilemma. You can’t really live without money at all nor live for the love of money. From what I’ve seen so far, money can make you a different person. As they put it simply on bumper stickers, ‘Evil inside.’ Yes, money buy things. It will get you that diamond necklace you wanted all […]


When I was younger, beauty came to me in paler skin, augmented make up and heights, artificially permed or straightened hair, straighter nose, thin lips, thin, white tooth-pick little thing they called models. I grew up with this kind of beauty. Unhealthy kind of state of mind. When I start to understand that beauty is […]


It would be helpful to forget. Once I had a huge argument with my best friend and we haven’t spoken in 6 months. She tried everything, letters, messages, middle person but I rejected everything. I even threw the messages without opening it in front of her. At last, we reconciled and I decided to forget […]


Carlito is with me right now. Red and glowing, he helped me a lot. At first I wanted to buy another car. I wanted a big, huge car that climbs bumps or roadside divider without a hiccup. I won’t even look at girlish cars, you know the tiny, cute and shiny cars. The decision was […]