Madrid Memories – Part II

I’m getting very sentimental today.


I even missed the brown sign boards. I hope they put on some effort for it now. If it looked like this in 2008, I can’t imagine what it must looked like in 2013.


Apart of FNAC, I loved Casa del Libro too. Here, I found a water-proof book. It was quite expensive compared to the normal books but it was quite an experimental launch.

But it’s WATER-PROOF books! That would be an unthinkable thing in Malaysia.


I would walk and walk around town, barely knowing where I was but I was never lost. I know exactly where I was. It’s like deja vu. I have been here at some point, some dimension of time before and I knew it.


I would never imagine such a collection of cheese (my eyes grew to the size of saucers of the thought of so many delicious creamy thing at one place!) but later I have been brought upon about 200+ types of cheese on an aisle in a Bordeaux supermarket and spent about 2 hours to pick one.

I just can’t.

ciI have enjoyed the free flow entertainment from the locals. There is an Opera school in the heart of the city and sometimes the students performed/practiced their routines to fund their studies or just for fun.


Some came from foreigners, like these Mexicans performing Mariachi. I enjoyed watching them as well.


The least fun part was saying goodbye. Here I was, trying to get some sleep at the Barajas International Airport before flying to Edinburgh.

I hope to see you again, Madrid. I really do.

Madrid Memories – Part I

I don’t know when will I see them again but this was taken in 2008. Curiously I did not feel the same emotions when I was there the first time in 2005. Everything was different; the vibe, the people, etc. Maybe because the crisis was upon the horizon and people’s head was swarming with misery.


I loved the bear at Sol. I wondered why it was there. He’s like an important symbol but my teachers at the language school never mentioned it.


I loved the Metro of Madrid. It’s more spacious and cleaner than the one in Barcelona or even Rome and Paris. But the one that I found better than this one is BTS of Bangkok.


It’s fascinating how much people loved cured ham of Spain. There’s even a ‘museum’ dedicated to it. I managed to stand at the entrance but cannot cooperate my body inside. I find the stench unbearable 😦


TABAC, as they said. I bought my monthly Metro pass here. The teller did not speak English and I have very few Spanish vocabulary at that time but we managed with a lot of sign language, miming and a bit of yelling. There were a lot of improvisation too and the customers that came later did their bit of hand gestures until I understood.


I bought several second hand books here for less than 2 Euros. You can find old stamps, old sketches and many priceless memorabilia. This very same narrow way also lead to another place.


The one, the only, the famous Plaza Mayor 🙂 I went here so many times along with some other exchange students. Most of them are Turkish, Polish and Hungarian. They made me sing a famous Malay pop song on top of my lungs here. I never thought I could miss a country by singing a decade old love song that I don’t even like in the first place.


Nahid Ramazanov, one of the exchange students from Istanbul had a friend working here and he bought us lunch. It was amazing, rambunctious room filled with laughter and people in 2005 but by summer 2008 no one was there, the food was quite bland and there was almost a heavy dread on the shoulders of the server.

I wonder if it was a good idea to return to a place that you once knew. I wanted to remember Madrid as a place I once belonged, full of beautiful people and dreamy, rustic, citrusy summer but I can’t.

I can only hope for the charm of the third try.

3 Pins vs 2 Pins

I knew it put it somewhere safe but after 5 years, I can’t recall where.


On your right hand sight is the normal plug (I suppose) in Spain. Well it would not be a big problem if the plug has 3 pins and I have 2 pin charger. I’ll just find a pen and make do with it but this is different. You can’t force a 3 pin charger into a 2 pin plug. That’s madness!

Luckily you will find that most Chinese thrift shops sell everything under the sun and see what I got for 90 cents?

Now I am looking for my tiny white magical plug converter and I can’t find it anywhere.

Fine. I’ll just shop again when I get there.

The Thing I Missed Most About Madrid

I told this to a tourist and he smirked.

“You traveled so far just to visit a bookstore?”

And I felt a slight tremor of doubt. Since when you can’t like something as awesome as a bookstore?


Well, it may sounds ridiculous to some of you but I happen to like FNAC and I would happily visit it everyday for as long as I like for the rest of my stay.

(Note: The photo was taken when I was in Bordeaux. I went to FNAC in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville)

I remember being in Madrid during the launch of PSP in 2005 and most of the population wanted to bombard the basement to see the launching. I literally had to fight them off at the entrance because I want to climb up the 5th floor to finish a book I started the day before.

I was always happy and it felt like a natural habitat. It’s the calmest place for a restless soul.

I wish I was there now.

The Journal (Part Two)

Here I am attaching some snippets of my old journal. I think it’s quite neat.

Somebody gave me this frog origami. I can’t remember who did. Like many things, I put it on my journal.

Our Spanish Teacher took us to see a Puppet Show in Bangsar.

Who would believe I still hold on to this simple pamphlet distributed 7 years ago? The Puppet Show revolves around a famous Spanish novela that I found out just before seeing the show. I end up reading Don Quixote in my spare time – in preparation for the big day. Hoping for a long verbal abuse in a language that I struggle to conjugate, I was quite disturbed that the show was staged mute, except some sort of invented gargle used by the puppeteers to ‘set’ the story.

Spanish class was my only escape to another world. Every word, however small, was written again and again and I dug deeper and deeper looking for something that I have no idea what was it for. I was a voracious student and this only happened in 3 subjects – History, Geography and now Spanish.

So when the Profesor mentioned there was a scholarship to Spain, I knew I had to get it.

The interview was held on my birthday. I crossed my fingers hoping that this surely meant something. A gentle hint perhaps.

Birthday wishes to myself – 22nd

Now you can see that I like illustrations and colors.

It seemed forever but when the result was out, I was with my sister in a vacant cyber cafe. I thought I read wrong but every fibre of my being was shouting that this was for real.

Semester holidays never felt so good.

When I found out that I got the scholarship

I immediately did my homework. I looked for a house online because I don’t want to live with other students. That’s not how I roll. I wanted to get to know this city. Barely speaking Spanish, I picked up speed with simple conversation online. I was quite determined to get to my rented room without much hassle so as any nerd would do, I printed a copy of the train webs on a piece of paper and another is still in my head.

Memorizing train stops in Metro Madrid

I never got lost in Madrid. I can even guide tourists through the hidden maze around Sol (the city center)

Crazy thing, this adventure. Early in the morning, I swear I could smell summer sometimes.


I don’t like this lady.

That was my first impression on Rosa. Our first conversation was on the phone. She asked for her son, David (my housemate in Madrid) and I told her that he’s out.

No, he’s in.

I called him but he doesn’t answer. I think he’s out.

No. He’s my son. I know he’s in.

I’m sorry but look, maybe you can call in half an hour. I don’t see anyone in the house.

No. Please look for him. I know he’s in the house. Maybe he’s in the toilet.

[Eyes rolling heavenward] Fine.



David! Phone call for you!

A creak came from the bathroom door. Dios mio, this woman really know that her child is inside the house and in a specific place!

This is creepy, at least for me.

David flashed his boyish smile and took the phone and continued the pending conversation. His voice rose half an octave.

¡Joder, mamá! ¡Ya sé! ¡Soy mayor ya! [Oh fuck, Mother, I know! I’m already a grown up]


¿Pero qué coño me estás hablando? [But what the fuck are you talking about?]


Ya mamá. Haz lo que quieras, joder. [Fine, Mother. Do whatever the fuck that you want.]

I may not very close to my Mother but I never would use such words to her. David is such a sweet boy but I almost didn’t recognize him when he spoke to his Mother. She must have been an evil witch. Even her son swore up a storm.

David knocked my door.

My Mother’s coming this weekend.

I see.

Oh God. In my mind I made a mental note to stay out as long as possible. I don’t think I could tolerate this woman. 3 minutes on the phone is enough to break me.

But like always, I was wrong.

I was sleeping on a Sunday morning and there came a knock on my door. It was about 6 AM.

Gosh, David. You don’t have to wake me up for breakfast!

No, I’m his Mother.

My heart skipped a bit. What? No! No! This can’t be happening! But it’s too late to pretend I’m dead or deaf anyway.

I opened the door. There stood a beautiful blond woman on her 50s with a pink bathrobe holding a cup of coffee.

Morning! David told me you’re his housemate from Malaysia.

Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.

Would you care for some breakfast?

Oh dear. Help me Lord if I could skip this session I won’t swear again. Ever! I’d even be nice to my Mother-in-law.

I made you some chocolate chip cookies.

[Calculating my probabilities on choking to death and be thankful for it] Yes, of course.

So we sat and talked. Yes, we sat at the dinner table until lunch time then we continue some more until tea time. David was speechless.

This is the first time that she gets along with someone.

Wow. I must be very charming, right?

Haha! Probably.

Rosa is a simple woman. She loves with all her heart and soul. Sometimes, a bit too much. She is very proud of her little boy, her husband and her country. Yes, in that order. I got to know that her husband used to play with Deportivo La Coruña and he is the Prince Charming that she was looking for. She likes banging to heavy metal and cooking. In fact, on that same day she bought a huge octopus and cooked dinner. She wouldn’t let me go out and buy my food. She’s the Mother of everyone under this roof so nobody eats outside. Nobody do things until she says so.

David looked at me and I looked at him. We are in this together.

I thought you like her.

Shut up, David. Is this why you swore at her on the phone? Because she’s a control freak?

Do you know why she came here? 8 hours in the bus every week?


Just to iron all my clothes. She knows that I won’t send it to the Laundromat so that’s why she’s here. For fuck’s sake, just let it stretch on my body and everything will be o.k in the end, like anyone cares if I wear wrinkled clothes.


I know!

I’d get a Real Madrid tattoo on my butt just to crack her (she’s a fan of her husband’s ex-team)

I know!

I know David would never do anything to hurt her. Lucky her.

After about a week I told her that I’m leaving. Her face changed.

So soon?

Oh, I bought a ticket to  Edinburgh. My friends are inviting me to stay with them.

Ah, how nice.

She was silent the whole day, which is a rare thing for Rosa. She went out for the whole evening and came back before dinner. Like good children, we didn’t dare eat out. She’d kill us!

The next day I was out. I would be leaving on the last midnight train so I thought I might enjoy another conversation with a new friend or just walk around the places that I love most.

There will be next time, Madrid.

When I got home at about 12 AM Rosa was waiting for me, with a little wrapped gift.

A parting gift, she said. Open it.

It was a beautiful bracelet. Aww..You should’nt have.

I already packed your luggage. I baked an almond cake. Yes, packed it in this tupperware. Here, take 2 cans of Coke just in case you’re thirsty. I packed a mineral bottle of water too. I made a ham sandwich for supper. For snack, I bought 2 donuts with caramel, just like you like it. Put on your jacket, it might get cold. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t leave your things where you can’t see them. Don’t…(her eyes got teary) say goodbye…to me. She sobbed.

I don’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t eat pork after all she’d done. It was the best cured pork sandwich (jamon York y jamon Serrano con queso manchego) in town and she prepared it with love. I’ll deal with this one later at the airport. Somebody would be hungry while waiting, right?

Rosa, don’t cry. You’re like a Mother to me (her sobbing grew louder)

Go! Don’t let me see you!

I called David and discussed our little plan in the living room while letting Rosa sobbed her heart out in the kitchen. She was always the one with the surprises so this time I had one little trick up my sleeve before I went away.

I have a beautiful batik tucked inside my luggage and I asked David to hide it under her pillow. I think it’s the perfect gift. She means a lot to me.

Leaving Madrid is not easy. I wanted to do it quietly alone but she made David carry my luggages (with my 10 kilos worth of food) and make sure I enter the right train at the right time. I think she’s perfectly capable of making David accompany me to Edinburgh just to make sure that I’m safe.

Poor little boy.

On the street, we both screamed (because we know she can’t do anything to hurt us)

Rosa! Look under your pillow!


Just look, okay?

¡Birsilah! ¡Te cuelgo! ¡Te cuelgo! ¡Te cuelgo! (The translation would be ‘I’ll kill you’ but literally said ‘I’m hanging you!’ She said this on top of her lungs and the whole street looked at me as if I did something seriously unappropiate.)

We both shared most evil chuckle. I ran towards the Metro, kiss David goodbye and jumped on the last train on time.


Next mission: Ham sandwich eater at the airport. Preferibly good looking ones with visible tattoos and biceps that make me drool, or I can pick an Italian and share the almond cake. I’m not choosy.

What a day!

Frases Idiomáticas (Ejercicios II)

¡Más ejercicios!

1) No pudimos entrar en el bar porque estaba de bote en bote

A) había demasiadas botellas

B) estaba cerrado

C) estaba lleno

2) La película no está ni fu ni fa.

A) no está ni bien ni mal

B) no tiene argumento

C) no está ni divertida ni seria

3) Cuéntamelo ya porque estoy en ascuas

A) estoy impaciente

B) estoy sin dinero

C) tengo prisa

4) Luís es muy suyo

A) es muy egoísta

B) es muy simpático

C) es muy particular por raro

5) Es un zero a la izquierda en la oficina

A) es alguien sin importancia o influencia

B) es quien lleva las cuentas

C) es alguien muy cercano al jefe

6) Juana es de lo que no hay.

A) Juana no existe

B) Juana es muy amable

C) no hay personas como Juana

7) Preparar una buena paella es coser y cantar.

A) es dificultoso

B) es normal

C) es muy fácil

8 ) Después de ver su novio, sé que no es para tanto.

A) no es para desmayarse

B) no es tan fantástico o maravilloso como exageradamente nos habían dicho

C) no hay tantos novios así

9) Que no se haga la cama es el pan nuestro de cada día.

A) es habitual que no se haga la cama

B) es raro que no se haga la cama

C) es normal que coma en la cama

10) En situaciones extremas siempre da la talla.

A) siempre se pone la ropa adecuada

B) siempre se altera

C) siempre obra bien, sin defraudar nunca.


1. C

2. A

3. A

4. C

5. A

6. C

7. C

8. A/B

9. A

10. C

Frases Idiomáticas (Ejercicios I)

Intenta responder las preguntas, ¿vale? Son fáciles 😀

Ya verás las respuestas abajo.

1) Yo no pude pegar ojo por la tormenta, pero mi mujer durmió toda la noche

A) a sabiendas

B) a pierna suelta

C) a tontas

2) Todos los fines de semana, vuelve a casa …

A) a las tantas

B) a oscuras

C) a las primeras de cambio

3) Lo mejor es no … Dile claramente tu opinión.

A) dar en el clavo

B) andarse con rodeos

C) llamar al pan pan

4) No dejo de pensar en Ana. … por ella.

A) no tengo remedio

B) hago pie

C) bebo los vientos

5) Los comentarios eran tan ofensivos que los …

A) puse por las nubes

B) mandé a freír espárragos

C) envié a por manzanas

6) Este asunto me preocupa mucho. Hace un mes que …

A) me trae de cabeza

B) me trae sin cuidado

C) me toma a risa

7) Creo que se trata de una burla. Nos …

A) de un baño

B) toma el pelo

C) abre la mano

8 ) Sentí muchísimo dolor. De veras, …

A) vi el cielo abierto

B) vi las estrellas

C) vi la osa mayor

9) Todas mis amigas dicen que Antonio Banderas está como un tren

A) tiene mucho dinero

B) tiene una colección de trenes

C) es muy atractivo

10) Algo le ha pasado porque está de mala uva

A) tiene muy mal humor

B) la fruta le sienta mal

C) está confundido


1. B

2. A

3. B

4. C

5. B

6. A

7. B

8. B

9. C

10. A

¡Felicidades! No está mal, ¿eh?

Language Exchange

The only requirement that you need to join the Language Exchange Site is your ability to listen and speak in English and Spanish.

I can do that!

I may not speak like a native but this is an opportunity to truly listen to a person from this place, his pronunciation, the exclamation phrases that he uses, the themes, his life events summed up, the way he sees his country and mine, his interests, all things truly Spanish.

This site is genius.

So like an overanxious student, I registered online. After all I just need to go out with one person at a time for several hours. If I’m lucky he’d be paying for my lunch, (I don’t really put high hopes on that) I won’t meet this person again and if he’s really nice we can be pen-friend. Forever.

In short, I have nothing to lose.

The thing about Spaniards is that they are very curious. So when you put Malay female looking for a language exchange friend, the reply would came in dozens since they already have tonnes of questions in tow.

How did you learn to speak Spanish? How long did you take to be fluent in our language? Is it difficult? How do you say I love you in Malay? How’s the weather in Malaysia? What are you doing here? What do you eat in Malaysia? Where do you live here? Are you currently employed? Do you like Spain? Which place do you prefer? How did you learn English?

And we haven’t met yet.

My first time going out was with Ramon. He’s originally from Madrid. His English was quite good in writing. He’s a lawyer by profession so I was quite impressed when he showed up with his complete office suit.

Just got back from the court.

I see.

We talked for 4 hours non-stop. We took turn talking and listening and he turned out to be excellent at both fields. We switched English and Spanish every half an hour. He had trouble at first but it gets better after 1.5 hours. We took the corner table, asked for our drinks and food and catch up the things that we’d like to know.

From my personal opinion, he is the kind of language exchange partner that I dreamed off. He’s 38, the one and only child from a family of supreme intelligence. He basically lived in a library because both of his parents are historians and both working in a university nearby.

When I found out about this, I straightaway asked about the Civil War and Francisco Franco (I found out that Spaniards are not allowed to talk about this in public) I never learn this in school because this is not our compulsory syllabus. We were never taught of Spanish Civil Wars or Franco’s dictatorship. I found this out by myself but I don’t think I can carry a good conversation if anyone I knew by chance mentioned it. I didn’t get why it happened.

There was a long pause.

When he started to explain I wish that he would never stop. He is a walking encyclopedia! He told me secrets that I would never understand by reading alone. The Civil War, European economics, Spanish mentality, customs, imperialism in the New World, the effects towards the monarchy in Spain, the things I only wish to know in my dreams.

He broke the history down bit by bit, like a talented teacher and everything seemed so easy.

This is what I’m talking about!

I also have great difficulty trying to explain because I learned and read many terms in English or Malay and he in Spanish so we had a lot of terms which we need to elaborate much further.

But we didn’t give up.

When the sky is dark, we both had to return home (with great headaches of too much information loading in such a short time) and he continue sending me more books about the events that I wish to know.

I can’t thank him enough for shedding a bright light on the mentioned topics.

The only fact that I don’t like is that I didn’t have a lot of time meeting Spanish gentleman (why in the World would a meet a girl?) because I was constantly traveling so I only had time for 2 random meetings.

I stayed for about 2 weeks in my old apartment in Cea Bermudez, near Metro Las Islas Filipinas and the year was 2008. The first time I was in Madrid was 2005 and I stayed at the same place for 3 months.

My housemates changed like the season. This time I have an adorable housemate. His name is David. He’s 20, fresh from La Coruña. That summer I was lucky to meet very good conversationist, intelligent, friendly and good looking men.

I must have been a really nice girl.

Anyway, David is staying in Madrid because he had to register for a summer camp and this camp is only organized for students who managed to accomplish full mark in all subjects.

So he is an extremely intelligent good looking young man.

Like a good big sister (he’s the only child in the family) I always accompanied him during dinner. He always had a late dinner, about 9 PM and I was almost always out doing something or meeting someone during the day. I know that he doesn’t mind eating alone but I sat there nonetheless.

And we talked. We always stopped at midnight.

He is the kind of person that likes to know everything about anything. He would go to the nearest library and borrow books in random subjects, even though while on vacation with family. He can even go to the beach with piles of books and starts reading.

He would make any mother proud.

Oh, by the way he speaks gallego (a mix of Spanish and Portuguese spoken in Galicia) and French (his mother is French.)

How I wish I could do the same!

Like any other teenager, he asked a lot of questions, especially about my country and religion. He seemed to know a lot about Malaysia and has a very strong opinion on certain subjects. You need to argue restlessly and find a good evidence to throw him off his grid.

It helps being stubborn sometimes.

I found that our conversation is stimulating and intriguing. He helped me with a lot of new vocabulary and he now knows the difference between being a Malay and Malaysians (most foreigners still have no idea what is the difference between the two.)

I will always remember him as my smart Spanish baby brother.

My last meeting was with Ildefonso. I managed to call him because he sounded like a nice person on the mail and I don’t think it would be nice to leave Madrid without meeting another good soul (I believe in the goodness of other people.) It was my last day in Madrid and my last effort. I was supposed to fly from Madrid to Edinburgh the next morning at 6.20 AM. To avoid missing the flight or early traffic I decided that I should sleep at Barajas airport after taking the last train at 12 AM the same day.

Ilde said he can’t meet me as he’s moving to another apartment.

Oh, I said it’s O.K. I just don’t want to leave Madrid without meeting a language exchange partner that I contacted online. If you’re busy then I’ll just leave tonight to Scotland.

Wait, he said. Let’s meet now.


Yes, tell me where are you and I’ll find you.

That’s Ilde and he’s one Southern gentleman that any girl would want to meet. He’s 29 and from Jaén. I knew immediately that he’s from Andalucía when he first speak.

My heartbeat grew faster by the minute. Gosh, he sounds darn sexy!

Focus. I’m here for the language exchange thingy.

I can’t tell you how I loved his accent. During the first half an hour I gawked and listened and gawked some more.

I am in love with whatever things that he said. Good or bad.

When I finally got my bearings right, we spoke for 6 hours. He’s an agriculture engineer.

Wow. What’s that?

He had to explain 3 times. My mind doesn’t get it. He was worried that he explained it incorrectly but it was me who suddenly doesn’t understand a word of English.

We take turn speaking and listening in both languages each 10 minutes. The first session he said his head can’t tolerate the pressure. It’s exploding! Common exaggeration, I know. It has been too long since the last time he used English to explain something.

He is a great listener too and he really listened to me. I know this seemed like an easy task but listening is not the same as hearing. Listening requires you to focus, understand, emphasize the point by relating it to your current knowledge preferably with the same experience or field and remembering it, be it short or long term (I know men tend to forgot so I usually turn a blind eye if they repeat a story or a joke) and he nailed it or I admit that he made me believed that he really listened to me and I in turn listened to him.

What else I can do with such beautiful accent? I’m complete.

4 hours at a café and he suggested that we should go for a walk in the park.

I know just the place!


Have you been to El Parque del Buen Retiro?

I’ve heard of it. Is it far? Can we walk there?

No! It’s 12 Metro stations to the north and we had to change at the Green Line. Absolutely no walking there!

Then, shall we go?

I have been dreaming to go to the park but I was so scared since my last experience there. I can’t walk alone in the park so Ilde was the perfect company. It’s about 10 PM. I have another 2 hours before the last train to the airport.

I can do this. I can pack in 5 minutes and run like a mad cow chasing a mad man in tights with a red cape. In time I’ll enjoy the park in the shadows bathed in fluorescent lights.

He told me about his family. He’s the youngest of three. His favorite place in Madrid, his ambition, his friends, his cousins, his new apartment, his job, his colleagues, his boss, his pets, in summary, his life.

So this is the essence of a life in Spain. The thing that this soul had lived so far. A story. I have learned a lot from him. We both go to school but the education system of both countries have different ways of making us understand, we experienced different ways of expressing life but overall it’s the same.

Life is a mystery and it’s up to us to find the answers.

Most memorable thing he did was ignoring a phone call from his cousin (In Spain they don’t text.) I told him to pick it up but he said no, it will take a long time since it’s from her, most probably asking about the moving. He’ll call her later because we don’t have much time to spend.

That is the sweetest thing a man could do to a woman (though as a random stranger I probably don’t deserve it but I feel appreciated.)

We were lying on our backs on the grass and observing the stars and everything was perfect for me. I told him about the constellations that I knew and how to read them and we talked until midnight. No one dared to bother us.

I was happy and I had the best day in Madrid. I hope he was happy too. My last chapter in Madrid was closed with a good ending.

He sent me home. He wished me luck on my future traveling.

Changing my mood from a happy girl to mad cow, I started running and never looked back.

And Edinburgh was the gift I was waiting for.

I was in total bliss for about a month more and then the nightmare took over.

And it’s still not ending.

Diccionario Temático de la Jerga Juvenil

This is given by Ana Isabel Tercero, UAM.


1) Trincar : coger a alguien después de buscarlo

2) Currar: pegar a alguien

3) Cascar: pegar a alguien

4) Comer: recibir una paliza

5) Curra: navaja

6) Pipa: pistola

7) Curro: dar un curro a alguien es pegarle

8 ) Ser un giñao: ser cobarde

9) Pelar: matar a alguien


1) Fliparse: alucinar con alguna droga alucinógena

2) Fumarse: colocarse fumando marijuana o derivados

3) Submarino: cuando se fuma hachís en un lugar cerrado y no se deja escapar el humo para que se acumule.

4) Chutarse: drogarse, normalmente pinchándose.

5) Darle a la vena: pincharse heroína

6) Comer: tomar pastillas de éxtasis o parecidos

7) Darle a la napia: esnifar cocaína

8 ) Llevar focos: referente a los ojos, cuando alguien ha esnifado o se ha tomado pastillas

9) Mierda: droga en general

10) Farlopa: heroína

11) Cavalla: heroína

12) Full: hachís (también llamado tate, costo, chocolate, etc)

13) María: marijuana

14) Hoja: papel de liar cigarros

15) Liar: hacer porros o cigarros a mano

16) Peta: cigarro de hachís

17) Porro: cigarro de hachís

18) Petardo: cigarro de hachís

19) Piti: cigarro normal

20) Cale: calada de cigarro o porro

21) Tiro: calada de cigarro o porro

22) Irse de la bola: hacer el loco

23) Írsele la olla a alguien: hacer el loco


1) Taladrar: cuando alguien habla sin parar y se hace pesado, se dice que taladra

2) Rayar: cuando alguien habla sin parar y se hace pesado, se dice que raya

3) Plasta: persona muy pesada o que en esos momentos se hace pesada

4) Picarse: enfadarse

5) Cebarse: meterse mucho con alguien.


1) Jalar: comer

2) Papear: comer

3) Tragar: comer mucho y/o muy rápido

4) Ser una esponja: beber mucho, en el sentido de alcohol o no

5) Birra: cerveza

6) Metro: barra de madera con dos pisos y con doce agujeros para vasos grandes de cerveza.

7) Chuquillo: cuchillo


1) Curro: trabajo

2) Talego: mil pesetas

3) Papel: mil pesetas

4) Ser rata: ser avaricioso, tacaño


1) Gasofa: gasolina

2) Buga: coche utilitario

3) Carro: coche utilitario

4) Kelly: casa, hogar

5) Papel de culo: papel higiénico

6) Giñar: defecar, ir al water

7) Ordena: ordenador

8 ) Galleta: Disquete


1) Napia: nariz

2) Peyas: orejas

3) Buzón: boca

4) Curras: patillas

5) Falo: polla

6) Lola/melonas/brebas/picotas: pecho (de XXL a XS)


1) Rollo: pareja de una noche o temporal

2) Morreo: beso de tornillo

3) Gastar a alguien: tocar mucho a alguien

4) Romper marcos: si alguien le dicen que rompe marcos es que la pareja le ha puesto los cuernos

5) Comer: enrollarse, besarse

6) Follar: hacer el amor

7) Joder: hacer el amor

8 ) Echar un clavo: hacer el amor

9) Trincar: hacer el amor

de 6 a 9, el nivel se va al peor