Sad Story

You can skip this part. I don’t think that people would like to read a sad story. I saps their energy. Decrease feel-good hormones. It doesn’t ‘made’ their day. You sounded more pathetic than you intended in the first place. Worse, they pity you. I hate it when they say “Oh, you poor, poor girl.” […]


She was taught about shame when she was young. You don’t scream in public. You don’t cry in public. You dress to comply. You keep your anger, every insult, every compliment, every thought. You keep your failures. You keep your mistakes. You keep your ugly stories. You keep quiet when elders speak. You carry the […]


When I was younger, beauty came to me in paler skin, augmented make up and heights, artificially permed or straightened hair, straighter nose, thin lips, thin, white tooth-pick little thing they called models. I grew up with this kind of beauty. Unhealthy kind of state of mind. When I start to understand that beauty is […]


It would be helpful to forget. Once I had a huge argument with my best friend and we haven’t spoken in 6 months. She tried everything, letters, messages, middle person but I rejected everything. I even threw the messages without opening it in front of her. At last, we reconciled and I decided to forget […]


Carlito is with me right now. Red and glowing, he helped me a lot. At first I wanted to buy another car. I wanted a big, huge car that climbs bumps or roadside divider without a hiccup. I won’t even look at girlish cars, you know the tiny, cute and shiny cars. The decision was […]