The Right Thing About Wrong

Ever since I was little I had always been told the same thing, that there is a ‘right’ way to complete each task. It’s probably faster if you do it this way or smoother when you turn your hand that way but I was not permitted to experiment with alternative ways because it was wrong […]

The Complicated Battle of a Middle Age Fangirl

Maybe I should be ashamed but whoever knew this photo will pledge your loyalty to me. The CABBAGE MERCHANT is not simply a fool in Avatarverse. He is one of the key characters and played major part in re-telling Aang’s story, though we can fairly doubt the authenticity. In fact, it was him that prompted […]

The Potter Dilemma

I crave for the book. It’s quite embarrassing to admit but I only have 1 out of 7 books and it was the 6th in the series. I didn’t even know how I got it. Suddenly there it was, sitting nicely on my book stand, a hardcover copy of Harry Potter and The Half Blood […]

Rude Troll

I have had that brand for years. It bothered me at first. I didn’t like it. It started since school and never officially ended. It’s meant for girls whom did not follow the norms. Black sheeps of the herd. People avoid this. It’s undesirable. Difficult, they say. You are not supposed to be different, much […]

Grey Terror

I haven’t written for quite some time. I regularly check this blog but I have so much chaos in my head that I can’t fathom it into words. Just swirling vortex of grey terror. Much had happen. I can remember approximately one exceptionally good thing this year that it was worth a thousand Patronus. It […]