143 Day

Today is 143 Day, a day celebrated by a small society that I knew.

Back then when I was in secondary school this day was more popular than Valentine’s Day. It was so commercialized that small business stemmed out for the same purpose.

The society was about 750 girls raving back and forth buying chocolates, flowers, handmade cards (or so-called mess – short for message) and little cute teddy bears to flatter their sweet toing.

(The toing is another girl, normally a junior/senior that you fancy/admire. There is a ceremony to make this official. I will intervene later. Normally they are considered a couple. Yes, both are girls)

I would use the familiar term here understood only by none other than the 750 girls (or maybe the girls before and after but not the girls outside the community)

I think it would help if I fill in a bit of information of the school. It’s in Johor Bahru and it’s an all girls’ school. I did not know this fact until the day I registered and I remember thinking that I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Not anymore since I ate fried snail and had stomachache for a week.

It’s a different kind of school with different kind of rules and regulations. For instance the girls are only allowed for outings 11 times per year. There was a batch ranking every month and your marks will be publicly displayed to public at a noticeboard on the way to the staff room. Everybody must wear a complete uniform every morning and all information would be evenly distributed so nobody was left behind not knowing anything. A gossip would spread like a wild fire in Sahara. The community has it’s own tradition, pet-namecalling and celebration. It’s a unique society and I have to admit that I am proud to be one of them.

One of it is 143 Day.

Toing-ship for beginner. In order to look for a junior toing, the senior toing will be always on the look out for the most amazing, sweetest, most celebrated juniors that just registered. Normally they grabbed the new band girl, or an athlete or any attractive female with unique features. Sometimes they favor boyish features also. Not everyone’s taste is the same. It sounds kind of twisted and dark when a girl is looking for another girl to love, isn’t it? I will not go into details but most of it doesn’t involve you know…anything scary or broke-back-y.

The ceremony that sealed the deal was called meminang or in English, the proposal. It was a tedious process. The senior toing or junior toing would pass a mess(age) to the victim every day depends on how long that the toing wants it to be. The messenger normally would be a friend of either the toing or the victim but the victim will not know who was the secret admire. In each mess the toing will give a clue. Like a hobby or favorite subject or her origin and other boring curious stuffs until the day arrives that she will declare that she is indeed the person responsible for each mess and she would like the victim to be her toing.

Will you be my toing?

I do.

And they are a couple and have the right for tenet session every weekend or every day. Like any other date, tenet session is for them only.

I can’t imagine what happened in an all boys’ school.

You can tell it’s a very loving community and that is why 143 Day is special. Because 1 stands for I, 4 stands for LOVE (4 characters. I know HATE, GOLF and FUCK also has the same alphabet numbers but we stick to the positive note here) and 3 stands for YOU. It just meant I LOVE YOU (143) Day and today is the 14th of March which is 14.3.

Another interesting fact that each mess usually will end with 3 numbers. For example 266 or 846. The first number refers to quantity of the roman alphabets in the toing’s name (the sender.) SAYANG/LOVE (6 letters in Malay/4 letters – both means love) and the last number is the receiver’s name. Not very Da Vinci code really.

Now there you have it, the not-so-mystery of 143 Day solved.


I Love You 🙂