I know mine was ugly. I started to do it at about 7 PM and after refrigerating it for 2 hours, I finished at about 12 AM with face smothered in flour and sore arms.

I hate the fact that I don’t own a pressure cooker and I don’t have the time to boil it for 8 straight hours. I boiled my can of sweetened milk hoping that it would turn to Dulce de Leche in less than 2 hours (it’s one of the lazy people’s way to do it) It has the caramel color but not the consistency.

I found a neat site describing step by step on how to do it (still I skipped a few steps and paid the price)

I did not have a cookie cutter. Not giving up, I looked for some sort of smallish jar to help me cup it. I found a jar cap around the same size needed but it did not help me as much. I would prefer to own a cookie cutter.

I am definitely trying this again because it was worth it 🙂