I Can Only Hope

As I was being completely nervous and counting the days when will my books will be distributed to all bookstores in Malaysia and swarming (imaginary) fans wanting my autographs, I found out that my ex-schoolmates are struggling with some problems.

One girl, Salwa had cancer. It has a fancy name but it’s got something to do with bones. Sarcoma of the sort? My friend, Erma and me organized a fundraising several years ago. She was diagnosed in the UK while doing her PhD. At that time, her husband is studying too and they have a little girl around 2 years old. She went into remission this year and had to travel back and forth 7 hours every week for chemotherapy. She’s scheduled to have parts of her lungs removed. Her husband is the only one working and they now have 2 children.

Another girl, Yusalinawati is blessed with 3 boys but the middle one is diagnosed with leukemia. He just got chickenpox and high fever and had to go some grueling blood transfusion since he was 4. Currently his blood count is very low and his spirit as well.

I wish I could do something. I don’t have much money. All I have is an idea and I hope the publisher will give it a go.

I asked her if I could donate a small portion of the selling of my books to both of my friends. I really hope they’d say yes. It’s all that I can do.

This is how I read books.

‘…has olive skin…’

“googles olive”
‘she must not be this shade of green. Is this purple one legit?’
‘clicks another link’
‘marvels at olives and its benefit for skin’
‘looks for how to determine good olive oil’
‘recipes using olive oil’
‘starts engine for tesco’
‘stares at all olive oil brand in olive oil aisle’
‘realized that this is not my purpose in life’
‘maybe I should go back and just read.’

2nd Book in Progress

I just sent my 3 first chapters of my second book complete with a very vague synopsis haha

I like to drive my publishers crazy.

It’s about a legalized immoral company with a new heir for President who doesn’t share the same value. Let’s see how they react to reprogramming of the minds when it’s not only used for criminals.

The Book

I had opened a Tumblr account a few years back. I was hoping to write posts, like literature ones in my native tongue but it didn’t work to my advantage. Malay is my native tongue but I had to spend a good deal of time and concentration to get one post. Well English is quite the opposite. Not that my English is that superb but I find it easier to get the words out.

Maybe I tend to think too much in my own language.

Anyway this year I had the honor to read The Hunger Games and I have to admit that it left me with such a strong emotions that I could not move on to another book. It seemed like I have an unfinished business with the trilogy.

Unsurprisingly, there are thousands of posts dedicated to the book and I think it would be nice to be able to join in the fun. I am hoping to join in the discussion and if possible understand the book more.